GOLD – Losing Your Hair 7″ EP

gold losing your hair 7 ep 2013 mammoth cave records

Alberta-based Mammoth Cave Recording Co. released the debut 7″ EP from GOLD titled Losing Your Hair. Late Women guitarist Chris Reimer played drums on the EP and supplied the band with the equipment they used to record these four songs. Continue reading “GOLD – Losing Your Hair 7″ EP”

The Young Sinclairs – You Know Where To Find Me 7″ EP

young sinclairs you know where to find me 7 ep 2013 planting seeds

What’s this, like, the third or fourth 7″ from THE YOUNG SINCLAIRS yet this year? This 7″ EP is the latest from the Richmond, VA folk-rock crew, coming from Planting Seeds Records in Virginia Beach. It’s their fourth single of 2013.

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Song of the Day #40: FayRoy – “I Had that Feeling Myself”

fayroy I had that feeling myself 2013 single lp

Today we’re introducing FAYROY, a surfy, folksy trio from San Francisco, California. About two years ago the band relocated from their home in Tampa, Florida to play more shows and focus on recording an album. Now in 2013 they’re seeing their ideas come to life. The band is currently finishing up their debut record which will be released this July, followed by a tour of both US coasts to support the album later this summer. They currently have two singles from their album featured on their Bandcamp. “I Had that Feeling Myself” shows off their twangy surf guitars, swirled by a palpable humid atmosphere as the waves wash up on the beach. It’s generally instrumental save for the lone chant “I had that feeling myself,” leading us through the murky surf with slithering guitars for a truly hypnotizing affair. It’s one you’re not going to want to miss, so get on board now and sit tight for their upcoming album. The band begins touring on July 6th in San Francisco at 50 Mason Social House, so you better be there to give them a proper send off! Keep an eye on their website for more tour dates and album details!

Genre/ Tags: Surf Rock, Ethereal, Folk Rock

FayRoy – Official Website
FayRoy on Bandcamp

Friday’s Find: White Fence – Cyclops Reap

white fence cyclops reap lp 2013 castle face records

Tim Presley, the California musician who records as WHITE FENCE, has just released his newest full-length album Cyclops Reap on Castle Face Records. Presley continues to evolve as a songwriter and the proof is in all 37 minutes of this mysteriously wild and acid-fueled ride. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: White Fence – Cyclops Reap”