The Young Sinclairs – You Know Where To Find Me 7″ EP

young sinclairs you know where to find me 7 ep 2013 planting seeds

What’s this, like, the third or fourth 7″ from THE YOUNG SINCLAIRS yet this year? This 7″ EP is the latest from the Richmond, VA folk-rock crew, coming from Planting Seeds Records in Virginia Beach. It’s their fourth single of 2013.

They come bearing another five tracks on their newest EP You Know Where To Find Me, continuing their take on sunny and polished folk-rock janglers. Twangy guitar hooks and a glinting shimmer opens the s/t track, filled out by vocalist Samuel Lunsford in his light and breezy tone. This and “Too Young” open the 7″ with mid-tempo folk tunes, built with gentle and warming guitar acoustics and light, peaceful rhythms. “Ear to the Ground” picks up the pace with a bluesy edge, delivering this freewheeling folksy sound that is timeless yet somehow refreshing. They stomp it out toward the end, revealing an electrified guitar solo that guides us into the songs eventual fade-out. The EP ends with a cover of the 13th Floor Elevators track “I Have Always Been Here Before.” It pays homage to the subtle lysergic qualities in their sound and we didn’t think you’ll disagree. Listen below!

Genre/ Tags: Folk Rock, Pop, Alternative
You Know Where to Find Me 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) You Know Where to Find Me
2.) Too Young
3.) Ear to the Ground
4.) Remember This Song
5.) I Have Always Been Here Before (13th Floor Elevators)

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