The Young Sinclairs – Engineer Man 7″

young sinclairs engineer man 7 market square records 2013

Virginia’s THE YOUNG SINCLAIRS continue their folksy garage pop on their newest 7″ for the Market Square Recordings label in West Sussex, UK. The 7″ includes two brand new tracks and is strictly limited to 300 copies.

Thinking back to their previous two singles split by French labels Croque Macadam and Requiem Pour un Twister, we’re spoiled to be getting a third this quickly. Pristine, pulsing guitar hooks and clean, wispy vocals fill these grooves, together giving off a sunny, jangly flare through both sides of the 7″. “Engineer Man” comes centered around a splitting guitar solo, punching on through with spring-loaded guitar twangs and rolling drums. B-side track “Problems” guides us with plucked guitars, sounding almost harp-like against fluttering vocals and cooing backdrops. It’s strengthened by wonky bass lines and a glinting tambourine shimmer, sealing up this breezy folk-pop nugget with all the crucial details. After this and their previous singles, we’d be fools to not be waiting for whatever they churn out next.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Folk Rock, Pop
Engineer Man 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Engineer Man
2.) Problems

BUY the 7″ directly from Market Square Recordings – limited to 300 !
The Young Sinclairs on Facebook
The Young Sinclairs on Bandcamp

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