Blank Range – Phase II CS

Blank Range phase II cs sturdy girls 2013

Hailing from east Nashville, BLANK RANGE come bearing their new cassette EP Phase II from the Study Girls Records label. It’s the band’s debut release, coming in a short run of 100 tapes.

Blank Range take on a hazy strand of blues-inflected rock on their new EP, much like they took a handful of vaseline and smeared it all over the camera lens while filming the landscape on the cover art. Fiery, melodic guitar squeals and bruising rhythms lead the way in opener “Ziggy Coyote,” a track that eventually becomes the heaviest on the cassette. There’s a folksy edge to these songs as well, coming through in the twangy guitars in later tracks “Same Sun” or “Down from the Mountain.” “Last Crash Landing” is the closing track on the EP but it quickly has us yearning for more. Subtle blues guitars swirl in their own atmospheric musk, creeping through the track along with glinting synth speckles and a palpable haze high on humidity. It all continues to grow and gain intensity, drifting out toward a colorful sunset as we ride the colorful breeze into the night. Simply put, you need to hear this to believe it.

Genre/ Tags: Blues Rock, Folk Rock, Alt-Country
Phase II CS: Tracklist:
1.) Ziggy Coyote
2.) Roommate’s Girlfriend
3.) Same Sun
4.) Neon Sign
5.) Down from the Mountain
6.) Last Crash Landing

BUY the CS directly from the band on Bandcamp – limited to 100 !
Blank Range on Facebook

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