Friday’s Find: The Everywheres – Habitualism CS

everywheres habitualism cs self released 2014

THE EVERYWHERES have just self-released a new cassette tape entitled Habitualism. It follows hot on the heels of their 2013 debut for Father/Daughter Records, adding eight fresh tracks of blues flavored psych-pop to their growing discography. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: The Everywheres – Habitualism CS”

Throwback Thursday: Lewis – The Man Who Fell To Earth?

lewis l'amour lp light in the attic 2014

Eric Schlitter writes and operates his own blog The 13th Track. Throwback Thursday is his bi-weekly installment for the Styrofoam Drone, where Eric focuses on reissues of old albums and archival material from the depths of the vinyl underground.

Landing somewhere between mid period Jandek, Scott Walker’s reading of Tennessee Williams’ Blanket Roll Blues, and the soundtrack to a David Lynch film is the mysterious artist known as LEWIS and the album he christened, L’Amour. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Lewis – The Man Who Fell To Earth?”

Song of the Day #48: Night Sins – “To London or the Lake”

night sins to london or the lake lp avant records 2013 sotd

AVANT! Records in Bologna, Italy takes pleasure in bringing us the sophomore LP from Philadelphia’s own sinister electronic dark-wave artist NIGHT SINS. Night Sins in the alias of Kyle Kimball, who also released his debut LP New Grave on AVANT! last year. The album sees Kimball in his comfort zone, penning eight new tracks that show off a more focused and clean-cut sound. Album single “To London or the Lake” heads the charge, driven by a murky lead guitar hook that calls all the shots. It’s burdened by a wave of warbled, neon-colored synth beams, sounding both icy and creepy as Kimball croons through the shadows. His voice sounds like a wispy vapor, soaring and whipping through the track along with the constant, dance-inflected squeal of the guitar. In the end the sound works out to be a sort of electronic hybrid, using elements like traditional guitars along with synthesizers for the best of both worlds. Listen below and watch the music video, then head on over to AVANT! Records to grab the LP!

Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Synth Pop, Ethereal, Gravewave

BUY the LP from AVANT! Records – limited to 300 !
Night Sins on Facebook

Song of the Day #43: Evil Eyes – “Shake the Dust”

evil eyes borderlines lp 2013 eye in the sky

Last we heard from EVIL EYES they had just released their first single Keep Your Mind On Me. Now nearly three-quarters of a year later the band is putting the finishing touches on their debut album Borderlines. The album was just officially released on July 24th on the bands own Eye in the Sky Records, coming along with 12 tracks of their airy, dreamy pop. There’s one song included that we’re already familiar with (“Keep Your Mind On Me”), while “Shake the Dust” is the first of their unheard material. The track shows off their pristine approach to ethereal pop, decorated with icy synth beams and colorful guitar glimmers all wrapped up in a frothy haze. Listen to it below, then get your fill of their album on the Evil Eyes Bandcamp.

Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Ethereal

Evil Eyes – Official Website
Evil Eyes on Bandcamp

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Song of the Day #40: FayRoy – “I Had that Feeling Myself”

fayroy I had that feeling myself 2013 single lp

Today we’re introducing FAYROY, a surfy, folksy trio from San Francisco, California. About two years ago the band relocated from their home in Tampa, Florida to play more shows and focus on recording an album. Now in 2013 they’re seeing their ideas come to life. The band is currently finishing up their debut record which will be released this July, followed by a tour of both US coasts to support the album later this summer. They currently have two singles from their album featured on their Bandcamp. “I Had that Feeling Myself” shows off their twangy surf guitars, swirled by a palpable humid atmosphere as the waves wash up on the beach. It’s generally instrumental save for the lone chant “I had that feeling myself,” leading us through the murky surf with slithering guitars for a truly hypnotizing affair. It’s one you’re not going to want to miss, so get on board now and sit tight for their upcoming album. The band begins touring on July 6th in San Francisco at 50 Mason Social House, so you better be there to give them a proper send off! Keep an eye on their website for more tour dates and album details!

Genre/ Tags: Surf Rock, Ethereal, Folk Rock

FayRoy – Official Website
FayRoy on Bandcamp

Friday’s Find: Pure X – Crawling Up the Stairs

pure x crawling up the stairs lp 2013 acephale

It’s been nearly two years since the release of PURE X’s debut Pleasure, but they sound better than ever before on Crawling up the Stairs. Courtesy of Acéphale Records, it’s now available on white vinyl in a limited pressing of 1000. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Pure X – Crawling Up the Stairs”