Haunted Leather – In Her Golden Room EP

haunted leather in her golden room stolen body records 2013

Stolen Body Records in Bristol (UK) just dropped the third release from Grand Rapids, MI psych-outs HAUNTED LEATHER. The EP comes limited to 250 copies on 10″ clear yellow vinyl, coming just a few months after their recent LP Red Road.

Clocking in with five tracks spanning nearly 28 minutes, Haunted Leather have delivered a whopping of a new EP. In Her Golden Room sees the band continuing their staggering brand of heavy psychedelic rock, sticking to one concrete path without the slightest notion of straying in a different direction. With that being said this EP is as musically consistent as possible, churning out five sultry tracks that drag along anywhere from slow to mid-tempo pace. They’re littered with drippy guitars that weep in the rippling humidity, evidenced early on in “Midnight Women.” The track unfolds slowly into a slow-burning groove that doesn’t let up, decorated with tribal-like percussion and jangly tambourines. It all creates a remarkable atmosphere, one that has you trapped in the endless desert haze without a trace of civilization in sight. The only difference is this all gets better as heatstroke sets in.

Self-titled track “In Her Golden Room” keeps the smokey psych rolling strong, spearheaded by lead singer Dusty with his monotonous, echoed chanting. This makes for an exceptionally dazed and confused journey, lasting over six minutes as we’re buried deeper and deeper into the seething psychedelic fuzz. The seven-minute suite “Sophie’s Song” appropriately closes out the EP with a wave of glinting guitar jangles. Dusty croons carefully over the peyote-induced rhythms, all forming together to create a deliciously sun-drenched finale. It’s all eventually swept up into a swirling black hole, putting the lid on one memorably lysergic EP.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Ethereal, Slowcore
In Her Golden Room EP: Tracklist:
1.) Come and Join Us
2.) Midnight Women
3.) In Her Golden Room
4.) The Heat Sits
5.) Sophie’s Song

PREORDER the EP directly from Stolen Body Records – 10″ clear yellow vinyl limited to 250 !
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