Song of the Day #43: Evil Eyes – “Shake the Dust”

evil eyes borderlines lp 2013 eye in the sky

Last we heard from EVIL EYES they had just released their first single Keep Your Mind On Me. Now nearly three-quarters of a year later the band is putting the finishing touches on their debut album Borderlines. The album was just officially released on July 24th on the bands own Eye in the Sky Records, coming along with 12 tracks of their airy, dreamy pop. There’s one song included that we’re already familiar with (“Keep Your Mind On Me”), while “Shake the Dust” is the first of their unheard material. The track shows off their pristine approach to ethereal pop, decorated with icy synth beams and colorful guitar glimmers all wrapped up in a frothy haze. Listen to it below, then get your fill of their album on the Evil Eyes Bandcamp.

Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Ethereal

Evil Eyes – Official Website
Evil Eyes on Bandcamp

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2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #43: Evil Eyes – “Shake the Dust”

  1. Love the Band FayRoy – heard you featured them. A new and upcoming band starting their cross country tour – its great to see a Real band with Real music and not a clone.

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