The Zoltars – Live Like Dragons 7″ EP

zoltars live like dragons 7 ep 2013 cq records

THE ZOLTARS dropped their debut LP Should I Try Once More? in 2012 and have been relatively quiet since. Live Like Dragons is their new 7″ EP for CQ Records in Texas, which will later lead to a sophomore album.

Like their album before this, their songs have an obvious dark and dreary complexion, almost like there’s rain clouds constantly floating above your head. But the shimmering guitar jangles make up for the dull by adding some brightness to the mix. “Heroin Thunder” and “In the Basement” are true to that description, while “All My Friends” opens the 7″ with a bouncy pop flare. Lead singer Jared Zoltar weaves playful lyrics through tight and gritty guitar chords, driving straight on through the haze-washed track with a marching rhythm. The latter two songs are brooding deep-cuts with “In the Basement” being the heavier of the two. The track drags along with its sparkling guitars, seeing us through a mid-tempo dirge that’s eventually immersed in a bone-chilling swirl of windy textures. Now creep on down into the shadowy basement and let these tracks seep in.

Genre/Tags: Pop, Ethereal, Garage Rock
Live Like Dragons 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) All My Friends
2.) Heroin Thunder
3.) In the Basement

BUY the 7″ directly from CQ Records – limited to 250 !
The Zoltars on Facebook

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