Evil Eyes – Keep Your Mind On Me

San Francisco’s own EVIL EYES just put out their third release of the year, a brand new digital single titled Keep Your Mind On Me on their very own Eye in the Sky label.

Coming from their Eye in the Sky studios (operated by Evil Eyes founding members Greg Mabry and Joe Frabotta), the five-piece band recorded and produced these two brand new songs, then released them on Eye in the Sky Records. The tracks were mastered by Patrick Haight, being the first of Evil Eyes songs to feature their three newest members: Angelica Rockne (vocals), Aleks Bars (bass), and Brian DaMert (percussion).

Their sound is a chilling one, offering up these two new dream-pop numbers with a palpable and soothing atmosphere. Glazed-over guitars cut through the smokey haze, revealing airy synth hooks against the constant colorful swirl. “Keep Your Mind On Me” boasts an irresistible dream-pop structure, where ghostly boy-girl vocal pairings sound silky-smooth against the frothy backdrop. B-side “Half a Heart” shows off these intoxicating guitars again, splitting the track open at the halfway point with an increasingly mangled solo. This stuff easily could leave you into a hypnotic daze, creating a feather-weight sound as if you were floating up into the clouds.

Give up six and a half minutes of your day and enter the dreamy realm that Evil Eyes has left us below. As for their future, Evil Eyes will be putting out a split 7″ this winter with the Tambo Rays, as well as their first proper full-length album in early 2013. Stay tuned!

Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Ethereal, Pop
Keep Your Mind On Me: Tracklist:
1.) Keep Your Mind On Me
2.) Half a Heart

DOWNLOAD the digital single for FREE from the Evil Eyes Bandcamp
Evil Eyes – Official Website

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