Titus Andronicus – New Video/ New Song

As some of you might already be aware, TITUS ANDRONICUS just unveiled a brand new music video at midnight last night. It’s for their song “No Future Part Three: Escape from No Future”, which comes from their monstrous 2010 album “The Monitor.” The video features a day-long trip through New Jersey, with the band playing in five different locations along the Jersey coast, ranging from Asbury Park to Jersey City and everything in between. You can view the video right below with all of it’s outstanding production. Word on the street is that the roof caved in during the last leg of the video, during the Jersey City segment. We find that hilarious, but the owners of that bar probably did not…

No Future Part Three: Escape from No Future

However! That is not all we have for you guys today. Titus Andronicus made their stop in Philadelphia last night on their spring tour, which happens to be winding down by the end of the weekend. During their sweat-lodge-like set at the First Unitarian Church, Titus and the gang graced our virgin ears with a brand new and unreleased track that has yet to be titled. At this point there’s not really anything else to find out about the song, but you’ve got a golden opportunity to view all five minutes of the madness right below. Just remember to tell your friends where you saw it first, then be sure to catch TA on their final two nights of the tour – April 29th in Hoboken, NJ and Brooklyn, NY on the 30th.

No Future Part Three: Escape from No Future –

And just in case you were wondering, this track here is “No Future Part Three: Escape from No Future” taken directly from the Monitor. That is all.

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Lower Dens Live in Philadelphia (02/24/11)

Who?: Lower Dens
Where?: The Ox in Philadelphia, PA
When?: February 24th, 2011

Lower Dens were in town last night and we were there to capture some of the action live on camera. At first I was a little upset because the footage appeared to be ruined after the import process, but all is well now. (Note to self: turn OFF the video preview while importing). So after a second and much more careful video import, I now have these videos to share with you folks. Lower Dens put on a grand display of their unique “haze” rock, with all of it’s swirling guitars and crushing rhythms. They played songs from their 2010 album “Twin-Hand Movement”, as well as their brand new single, along with the B-side “Dear Betty Baby” which I regretfully did not catch on video. Continue reading “Lower Dens Live in Philadelphia (02/24/11)”

Interview and performance with CREEPOID

As some of you may already know, the record release show for the brand new CREEPOID album “Horse Heaven” is tomorrow night. The show takes place at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, starting promptly at 8pm.

Creepoid will be joined on stage by some of the most prominent Philadelphia bands storming the scene, including Party Photographers, Pet Milk, and Nothing. If you couldn’t already tell, it’s going to be a hell of a night for the Philadelphia music scene. Not only are all those bands from the city, but even the record label releasing the Creepoid album is Philadelphia based – the one and only Ian Records – who (to sweeten the deal even further) exclusively releases music from Philadelphia bands. So yes – all things Philadelphia at the show on Thursday. We at the Styrofoam Drone will be very upset if we don’t see you. Look for the dude up front with the annoying camcorder and come say hi – but that’s not all we have for you today…

Before their album was officially released, the good people of Creepoid were nice enough to sit down and have an enlightening chat about their brand new album with the Styrofoam Drone. We were lucky enough to catch most of the interview right on video. They graciously invited me into their cozy home in Philadelphia, offered far-from cheap beer (the best some might say), watched some hockey, and even set their equipment up to perform a song from the new album exclusively for the blog. Can you say awesome? I hope so. If not, just watch below and see for yourself.

And then the interview.

Cozy home? Check. Awesomely loud snoring dog? Check. Good beer? Check. The four band members Pete, Sean, Anna and Pat talk about various things ranging from the origins of Creepoid to their first 7″, and then a ton of stuff that encapsulates their process of the new album, including artwork, working with others, record labels, and the like. Hopefully you’ll learn something new from watching these videos, and we only hope that we’ll see you at the show tomorrow night – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie, 8pm. See you there.

And don’t forget to check out the review of their new album “Horse Heaven”, which was the latest edition to our “Still Spinnin'” feature. Thank you and enjoy…see ya tomorrow 😉

PS – Another good show happening this week, featuring another one of our favorite Philly bands MOON WOMEN. If you’ve got nothing better to do the next two days and yr from Philly, well now yr in luck. Enjoy.

New Twin Sister Video – All Around and Away We Go

Twin Sister have had quite a busy year in 2010. They’ve toured extensively, released their “Color Your Life” EP which came out on Infinite Best back earlier this year, and they even put out this nifty little cassette tape through the Curatorial Club, amongst other things. Now they’re currently about to go play some more shows over in Europe, but before they left for the trip, Twin Sister put out a brand new video for their song “All Around and Away We Go” from their EP. It’s a colorfully dazzling mix of carefully choreographed dance moves and all-too-serious but totally awesome hand jives. Check it out with the link below, and then I’ll see you guys next week.

Follow the link here to watch the video: All Around and Away We Go

Twin Sister – Official Website – see their show dates in Europe
Twin Sister performing in Philadelphia back in May – Videos

New Family Trees Video – No One Will Ever Know

Hey guys. About two weeks ago we made a post here for the release of “Dream Talkin”, the debut 7″ from the brand new band FAMILY TREES.  They’ve successfully released their 7″ to the world, and now they’re going a step further by releasing a brand new music video for the B-side song “No One Will Ever Know”.  It’s a lazy sounding strung out beach jam, and the hazy/grainy video quality really works wonders for their sound.

Follow this link right here so you can check out for the video for yourself, and if you haven’t listened to Family Trees yet, you should check out their Myspace page AND this post that came up not too long ago. If you like the music, you should consider buying the 7″. Not only will you have a crystal clear and brand new, limited edition record, but the good people over at Father/Daughter Records will love you forever! They told me personally! So now that you’ve been attacked by this link-infested post, you can carry on with the rest of your day!  Farewell!


New Titus Andronicus Video – Four Score & Seven

Hey, check this out! They just set this video free yesterday along with an announcement for even more Titus Andronicus shows this summer! They’ve been touring since the Monitor came out – that’s ridiculous! But they’re just trying to give people what they love – more Titus Andronicus!

Check out the tour dates right here, and if you’re lucky enough they’ll be coming to your town with Free Energy! Should be a ridiculously awesome time! See ya there!

Site & Sound: Titus Andronicus from VanLou Media on Vimeo.