Lower Dens Live in Philadelphia (02/24/11)

Who?: Lower Dens
Where?: The Ox in Philadelphia, PA
When?: February 24th, 2011

Lower Dens were in town last night and we were there to capture some of the action live on camera. At first I was a little upset because the footage appeared to be ruined after the import process, but all is well now. (Note to self: turn OFF the video preview while importing). So after a second and much more careful video import, I now have these videos to share with you folks. Lower Dens put on a grand display of their unique “haze” rock, with all of it’s swirling guitars and crushing rhythms. They played songs from their 2010 album “Twin-Hand Movement”, as well as their brand new single, along with the B-side “Dear Betty Baby” which I regretfully did not catch on video. Continue reading “Lower Dens Live in Philadelphia (02/24/11)”