Twin Sister w/ Reading Rainbow, Sharon van Etten Live in Philadelphia (5/22/10)

Who?: Twin Sister, Sharon van Etten, and Reading Rainbow
Where?: AKA Music, Philadelphia, PA
When?: May 22nd, 2010 at 5pm

Yesterday was a great day to be in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Flyers won yet again to take a commanding lead over the Montreal Canadiens, making their series 3-1. Not only did the Flyers play, but a very special event hosted by the Weathervane Music Organization took place at AKA Music on 2nd Street. A handful of great bands played, such as Philadelphia’s own Reading Rainbow, Long Island dream poppers Twin Sister, and last but not least, solo artist Sharon van Etten.

Up first was the boy-girl duo of Reading Rainbow, and they played for a good chunk of time. Robbie plays the guitar and Sarah plays the drums. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not too sure about this band. She plays a simple drum beat, he plays some guitar chords. They both keep it going without much of a twist until the song ends. There’s really not much going on at all. They certainly have the heart and soul when they’re up on stage (as you can see by the video), but as for the music, I think they need to spice things up a bit. They were wondering why people weren’t moshing. Was that a joke?

Reading Rainbow – Well, here it is. Constant snare drum pounding action. I don’t know if they’re going for a minimal approach to the music or anything, but this stuff is boring. I’d be lying if I said I was entertained at this point of the show. I don’t know the name of these Reading Rainbow songs, so if anybody can help me out with that, that would be great.

Reading Rainbow – Here’s another! This time she hits the cymbal! Robbie shreds away on the guitar! Watch!

Twin Sister – All Around and Away We Go – Okay, here we go. This is why I went to the show that day. This is the 4th track from their most recent effort, Color Your Life, and it’s quite a funky one. It almost sounds like it could be the Bee Gees or something.

Twin Sister – Lady Daydream – Another song from their most recent release. Listen to that guitar twang! It’s almost a creepy sound.

Twin Sister – Saturday Sunday – This song doesn’t come off any of their releases, but it’s quite a good one. You can download it from their website if you like what you hear.

Twin Sister – I Want a House – This song is the last track from their first EP, “Vampires with Dreaming Kids”. This song builds up into quite a heavenly ending, with the hit from the keyboard and the shake of Estella’s tambourine. These guys all play their instruments so carefully.

Twin Sister – The Other Side of Your Face – This is the opening track from their latest effort “Color Your Life“. Aside from the version on the record, they draw this one out to be quite long. They start off by building the song up for about the first 4 minutes, and then continue to put us through a dream land of sounds and textures. The final minutes are phenomenal as they all just rock out without another care in the world. Fantastic!

Twin Sister – This was their last song of the set, and I don’t exactly know the name of it. It somebody wants to help that would be great. Guitarist Eric Cardona helps with vocal efforts on this one as they speed things up and then slow them down.

Sharon van Etten – I Wish I Knew – This was the first song of her set, and it was the only song I could stick around for. This woman has a beautiful voice! I want her to sing me to sleep. If anybody knows the name of this song, please share it!

Twin Sister – Phenomenons

That marks the last video I have from the show, but there are still a couple more I didn’t put up here that you can find on my YouTube Channel. Why not subscribe while you’re over there? It won’t hurt, I promise. This way you’ll know whenever we have more videos up here on the Styrofoam Drone. Either way, whatever you end up doing, thanks for coming by, and as always check back again for some more tomorrow!

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Weathervane Music Organization!
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8 thoughts on “Twin Sister w/ Reading Rainbow, Sharon van Etten Live in Philadelphia (5/22/10)

  1. Sharon’s singing “I Wish I Knew” from her album ‘Because I Was In Love’. Thanx for the video!

  2. It was sweltering hot up on the 2nd floor of AKA Records, but overall it was a good show. Reading Rainbow are cute, loved the synergy of Twin Sister’s instruments and dreamy vocals.

    And I agree, Sharon van Etten has quite a beautiful voice. Her encore was pretty awesome, she sang “Give Out” which currently is my favorite song of hers. Sad and perfect and absolutely melodious.

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