New Twin Sister Video – All Around and Away We Go

Twin Sister have had quite a busy year in 2010. They’ve toured extensively, released their “Color Your Life” EP which came out on Infinite Best back earlier this year, and they even put out this nifty little cassette tape through the Curatorial Club, amongst other things. Now they’re currently about to go play some more shows over in Europe, but before they left for the trip, Twin Sister put out a brand new video for their song “All Around and Away We Go” from their EP. It’s a colorfully dazzling mix of carefully choreographed dance moves and all-too-serious but totally awesome hand jives. Check it out with the link below, and then I’ll see you guys next week.

Follow the link here to watch the video: All Around and Away We Go

Twin Sister – Official Website – see their show dates in Europe
Twin Sister performing in Philadelphia back in May – Videos

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