Son of Rams – Frolics in the Pink EP

Over the Summer we heard some music from a new band called Family Trees, who released their debut 7″ from Father/ Daughter Records. At almost the same point in time, Family Trees member Joseph Pruitt made his way through the blogosphere with his side band SON OF RAMS. Back then he was spreading the word about his untitled full length album, and now he’s back again with some more for us this November. It’s an eight song EP called “Frolics in the Pink”, and now I’d like to bring those eight songs to your attention.

Starting off the EP is a song called “Triple Eyed”, and it’s easily the first highlight to reveal itself from this collection of tracks. This song would have fit in perfectly with the untitled album from back in the Summer due to it’s stunning lead guitar work and dizzying atmosphere. Pruitt brings his shrieking, whiny vocals back to the table once again to give the songs a frantic and frenzied energy. It’s not only his vocals though that gives the songs their hectic qualities. A good portion of it also comes from his mind-bending guitar work and the fast paced action of the songs.

For example, in the track “I Feel as the Zion” – quick, concentrated guitar hooks dominate as Pruitt wails along behind them, giving the song a completely wild and deranged approach. Then there’s “Change Now Stop”, which follows a similar path. Shimmying guitars and quick vocal outbursts from Pruitt only further prove that these songs will never settle down. There’s always power pulsing through the guitars, whether it’s simple chords or a ridiculous solo (see the ending of “A Blond Temple”), but either way this stuff is sure to please. If quick, fiery guitars paired with whiny, boyish vocals tickles your fancy, then you’re certainly in luck. And don’t forget to check out the Son of Rams site for some free download action. See ya tomorrow.

Triple Eyed –

Boost Up –

I Feel as the Zion –

Change Now Stop –

My Rating: 7.2/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Rock, Lo-Fi
Frolics in the Pink EP: Tracklist:
1.) Triple Eyed
2.) Boost Up
3.) Staring Up at a Chinese Kite
4.) Frolics in the Pink
5.) I Feel as the Zion
6.) Face to Face
7.) Change Now Stop
8.) A Blond Temple

DOWNLOAD the new EP and the Untitled LP w/ this link
Son of Rams – Untitled LP previously posted on the Drone
Check out Pruitt’s other band, Family Trees
Son of Rams on

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