Protomartyr – Dreads 85 84 7″

Here’s a new one from our friends at Urinal Cake Records in Detroit. It’s a new 7″ from four-piece band PROTOMARTYR who also hail from Detroit, coming in an edition of 300 with the first 100 on pink vinyl.

Despite what you might be thinking about the words in these songs, there’s actually a story that goes along with all three of them. Simply put, the twangy opening track “Kings Boots” is about a sheep dog. Fair enough. Track two “Bubba Helms” features the grasping story about Kenneth “Bubba” Helms of Detroit who died in 2001 (follow that last link for a bit more insight), not to mention a pulsing, dagger-like form of punk rock that will knock you right on your ass. The destructive nature of this song definitely fits the story. Last but not least, track three “Cartier Eye Glasses” is about just that, showing off a primal, tom-heavy beat and sharp guitar shards that lead the track. Once it’s all said and done, this turns out to be quite a memorable and accessible single.

Clean cut and mindful punk rock fills our ears with plenty of shredded guitars and pummeling rhythms, creating this straight-forward attitude with a variety of styles that is easy enough for us to endorse. Check out these tracks below and see what you think! It might not be a bad idea to go and snag the 7″ – the first 100 come on pink vinyl!

Kings Boots –

Bubba Helms –

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Alternative, Garage Rock
Kings Boots 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Kings Boots
2.) Bubba Helms
3.) Cartier Eye Glasses

BUY the 7″ directly from Midheaven Mailorder – first 100 on pink vinyl !
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4 thoughts on “Protomartyr – Dreads 85 84 7″

  1. Nice article. I juSt saw this band play to a crowd of about 10 at most. They put their heart out their and played with such raw power- something I expect But don’t always see in rock and roll bands today. This is the way it should be. Young(sort of) loud and snotty. Thanks for coming to San diego , Protomartyr

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