Lord Huron – Mighty EP

Hey! Last time we heard from LORD HURON it was back in August when the sun was shining and the heat was a reason to be upset. Now we’re nearing the colder months of the year, and Lord Huron drops his second EP called “Mighty”. There’s just one problem – it’s cold now.

This stuff sounds like it came from a beachy tropical island where the sun shines for days at a time without a cloud in the sky. Lord Huron hails from Los Angeles, so chances are it’s generally warmer there than it is here in Philadelphia on the other side of the country, so the uplifting and optimistic sounds we’re getting here do make sense. But I will say that when it’s cold out, this kind of music just doesn’t do the same as it can in a summer setting. That being said, I should probably make it clear that this stuff is still absolutely fantastic, as Lord Huron continued on from a great point where he left off on his first EP. These new songs help expand the musical catalog of Mr. Benji Schneider, and at this point it seems like things can only get better for him.

There’s a total of four new songs, and totaled up they equal just about 20 minutes in time. That’s a decent chunk of time for just four songs on this delightful set of trop-pop anthems. In describing the first EP, “Into the Sun”, I referred to it as being a “gem” of sorts. That same tag would apply to this EP as well. The word “gem” brings other things to mind like happiness, good vibrations, beauty, and charm, and every single one of those words could be used to the describe the music we’re hearing here. The positive vibes are absolutely gushing from these songs, which is why the term “uplifting” works so well in this situation. If you’ve been feeling dull lately or you’ve been feeling a tad bit lonely, throw on some Lord Huron and I’ll bet your problems will slowly deteriorate, as this music certainly has a mysterious healing power. You and I both know it’s still the beginning for Lord Huron, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s going to be bigger and better things to come down the road. You can just hear it in the music, which I highly suggest you check out below.

Mighty –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Tropical, Folk
Mighty EP: Tracklist:
1.) Mighty
2.) Son of a Gun
3.) The Stranger
4.) When Will I See You Again

Lord Huron – Official Website
Lord Huron on Myspace
Lord Huron on Bandcamp – Listen to the rest of the EP!
BUY the EP digitally right from Bandcamp
Lord Huron – Into the Sun EP previously posted on the Drone

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