Florida – Icarus 7″

Not long ago we covered the latest Haunted House 7″ from the band Florida. Now were going to take a closer look at their debut 7″ entitled “Icarus”, which was put out by the one and only SHDWPLY Records. Although the record is now sold out, you can still find it if you search hard enough, like right here. It’s pretty cool – the 7″ comes with a pair of 3D glasses unlike any other record I’ve ever bought. So if you’re wondering if you should buy that, 3D glasses are a pretty good incentive.

Like the previous 7″, this one has just two tracks, one on each side, and they’re just about as creepy and shiny as the last batch of Florida songs. Creepy mostly fits in with the opening track “Icarus” as lead singer Daniel Rineer’s voice is towering over everything as he sings “You can fly but you’ll put out an eye or two before you come down.” About halfway through the track they change things up a bit and Rineer can be heard howling into the mix. Flipping over to the b-side “Once Yr In It”, this track is glistening with a chiming sound effect in the background for just about the entire length of the song. Rineer’s voice sails smoothly over the mix as things build up more and more in the song until about the final minute and a half. Suddenly the guitar solo comes through almost simultaneously with the roll of the drums. They draw out this sweet jam session for a short bit until the song comes to an end. That’s all for this 7″, but you can check out more music from Florida right over on their Myspace.

Icarus –

Once Yr In It –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Lo-Fi
Icarus 7″: Tracklist
1.) Icarus
2.) Once Yr In It

Florida on Myspace
BUY the Haunted House 7″ and a bunch of other gems from SHDWPLY Records
BUY the Icarus 7″ directly from Goner-Records.com

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