New Family Trees Video – No One Will Ever Know

Hey guys. About two weeks ago we made a post here for the release of “Dream Talkin”, the debut 7″ from the brand new band FAMILY TREES.  They’ve successfully released their 7″ to the world, and now they’re going a step further by releasing a brand new music video for the B-side song “No One Will Ever Know”.  It’s a lazy sounding strung out beach jam, and the hazy/grainy video quality really works wonders for their sound.

Follow this link right here so you can check out for the video for yourself, and if you haven’t listened to Family Trees yet, you should check out their Myspace page AND this post that came up not too long ago. If you like the music, you should consider buying the 7″. Not only will you have a crystal clear and brand new, limited edition record, but the good people over at Father/Daughter Records will love you forever! They told me personally! So now that you’ve been attacked by this link-infested post, you can carry on with the rest of your day!  Farewell!


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