Ty Segall – I Can’t Feel It 7″

Released by the Drag City label is a pair of 7″ records featuring the single “I Can’t Feel It” from the new TY SEGALL album “Goodbye Bread”, each backed with a non-album B-side on different color vinyl.

“Goodbye Bread” officially dropped a few days ago on the 21st, so this is certainly a fitting post. From what I can gather it seems like most reviews are generally in favor, also taking note of the fact that this new collection features songs at a slower pace. This 7″ follows a similar path. B-side “Falling Hair” comes to mind first, carelessly flowing on the crackling guitar chords that continue to push the song into the outer realm, slowly but surely reaching it’s destination as sounds become thicker and fuller. About three-quarters through those chords (which never suffer any particular drastic change) begin sounding more intimidating and threatening than before, devouring you into a sweltering and sizzling exit that will make you feel quite vulnerable.

Switching it up to “Children of Paul”, you’re eventually met with wobbly guitars of confusion and ecstatic vocal yelping. The guitars sounds as if they’re walking the line between utter destruction and fiery rage in their dazed state, culminating into a blistering solo that gives the feeling of a jagged metallic edge cutting through a tin can. Now the real confusion is how in the world were neither of these not included on the album? I guess the only way only way to figure that out would be to give “Goodbye Bread” a thorough listen and see why they didn’t fit. Now check them out below!

I Can’t Feel It –

Falling Hair –

Children of Paul –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Psychedelic, Pop
I Can’t Feel It 7″: Tracklist:
1.) I Can’t Feel It
2.) Falling Hair (red label 7″)
3.) Children of Paul (pink label 7″)

BUY the 7″ directly from Insound
Ty Segall – Official Website
I Can’t Feel It 7″ – Pink Label, Red Label

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