The Babies – My Name 7″

THE BABIES are back with a brand new single on the Bad Paintings label in the UK, coming out just in time for the next Record Store Day which is just around the corner. Continue reading “The Babies – My Name 7″”

Various Artists – Todo Muere Volume 1

This Sacred Bones Records compilation marks the second Record Store Day exclusive we’re covering. It features plenty of bands (Moon Duo, Zola Jesus, Trust, Cult of Youth) who have recently graced our headlines, so in terms of compilations it doesn’t get much better than this. Continue reading “Various Artists – Todo Muere Volume 1”

Record Store Day w/ PURLING HISS

Who?: Purling Hiss
Where?: AKA Music in Philadelphia, PA
When?: Record Store Day, April 16th, 2011

As many of you were probably aware, yesterday was the fourth annual Record Store Day. Hopefully you made it out to your local record shop and snatched up all the releases you wanted. That picture above shows the mob-scene that took place in Repo Records early on at about 10am. People were lined up out the door and around the corner and shortly after even some tempers began to flare, which is easily imaginable considering the madness (or because the releases people wanted weren’t available). Another big part of Record Store Day means live music and free shows, which is the other reason I’m here today. Later that day Phildephia’s own PURLING HISS melted faces for a mediocre-sized crowd at AKA Music, which immediately made me regret ever missing any past Purling Hiss shows. Hopefully after viewing the entire thirty minute performance below, you will be thinking the same exact thing.

Space Roots/ Limerence – This first song starts with a quick two minute intro before they really get down to business. These live recordings sound drastically different than the stuff on the albums, but I’m pretty sure this is “Space Roots/ Limerence” (if that’s wrong leave a comment below). However, right away this shows just how well these guys play together – everybody is on time and nobody misses a beat no matter how ridiculous things get.

Beautiful Earth Creature – This was the first track from the 2010 effort “Public Service Announcement” that they played, whose brilliance you can find in our “Top 25 Albums of 2010” list. They build it up with a nice minute long intro before the song really starts.

Almost Washed My Hair – This is the opening track to their 2009 s/t release from Permanent Records. And for anybody who may have missed it, Permanent Records also just graced our ears with this radioactive madness right here, exclusively for Record Store Day (which you can also hear at the bottom of this post!).

-Here’s another that I wasn’t sure of the name, so if someone out there has a pointer leave us a comment below. It’s a bit shorter than the rest, but nonetheless face melting. At one point I was hoping to hear “Walking Down the Street” from their RSD split – witnessing that live would have been lethal.

Don’t Even Try It – Another from “Public Service Announcement” right here. It’s more poppy and slower paced than the usual intensity, but if anything is clear, there’s nothing this dude can’t solo over. It just goes to show how dynamic this trio can be and if I have anything to say about it these guys are just getting started in their time as a band.

Run From the City – The jaw-dropping opener from “Public Service Announcement”, there’s really nothing else I can say about Polizze’s skills that hasn’t been said yet, so we’ll spare you this time. Just watch the video in bewilderment and wonder just how the fuck he does that, but you’ll probably never get the answers you’re looking for. But this video proves a ton. This is some signature guitar shred, and I think it’s safe to say there’s not another band out there right now with skills like this.

That’s all for today. I know somebody noticed last week, but we haven’t posted on Sundays since the summer time here, and now this marks two in a row. What does that mean for next Sunday? I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Enjoy these videos and once again, go check out your local record store because most of them probably still have some exclusive releases lingering around. See ya tomorrow.

Walking Down the Street –

BUY “Public Service Announcement” directly from Insound
Purling Hiss – Public Service Announcement previously posted on the Drone
Purling Hiss – RSD Split 12″ (w/ Puffy Areolas) previously posted on the Drone
Find Purling Hiss in our Top 25 Albums from 2010

Happy Birthday – Shampoo 7″

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop

Last Saturday was Record Store Day, which means you should have had plenty of new records to spin this week. One record that I have been spinning more than others would be the latest from Happy Birthday, the glamorous pop-punk trio that recently put out their first full length record on Sub Pop. Sub Pop released a staggering amount of new records for the wake of Record Store Day, and one of those records just happened to be a brand new 7″ single featuring two unheard tracks from Kyle Thomas and the Happy Birthday gang.

In the first track “Shampoo”, you’re instantly met with an intense, shape shifting sound effect that’s bound to catch any listener off-guard upon the first listen. The bass that you hear in the beginning sticks around for the length of the song, which helps keep a steady, easy-going pace for the listener. Right before the 40-second mark is when the song really takes form, where the bass line and drums are introduced for the first time, which is a dangerously catchy combo. After things get moving, the music never quite takes a turn in any unexpected direction. Instead, you’re thrown into the middle of a well organized song, complete with shimmering sound effects, bell hits, hi-hat rolls and high-pitched vocals that compliment the sound quite nicely. Kyle Thomas is once again addressing a member of the opposite sex in his lyrics, singing “I got to look good for my girl, that’s you.” Instrumentally, this song sounds like it could be the background music for a bunch of people working together on an assembly line in a factory somewhere – sort of like this song right here, but I’m sure not everybody is thinking the same thing. Either way, this song has a nice sound to it. I have the b-side “Alien” below for you to listen to, so hopefully that works for ya. If not, this was a great excuse to post up the amazing “Girls FM” again, the opening track from their full length record.

“Alien” –

“Girls FM” –

Shampoo 7″: Tracklist
1.) Shampoo
2.) Alien

Happy Birthday’s self-titled LP previously posted on the Styrofoam Drone
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Record Store Day 2010!!!

Now, as many of you may already know, today is the 3rd annual Record Store Day. Record labels around the world release new, limited edition records that you can’t find anywhere else, besides on Record Store Day…and probably eBay. So if you got up early enough this morning, why not head on over to your local music store and purchase a few things? If you’re interested, you can check out a comprehensive list of everything they’re releasing, which includes the new Hold Steady album “Heaven is Whenever” that’s not supposed to drop until May 4th. So be sure to get up this morning, and see what your local record store has to offer!

And I want to thank every single person who came to the Styrofoam Drone in the past 24 hours, because yesterday was the most traffic the Styrofoam Drone has seen since it’s birth into the blogosphere on December 17th, 2009. Most of that is due to our shout out on Pitchfork on Friday afternoon, where they featured the video from the Titus Andronicus show the other night where they covered Weezers “Undone – The Sweater Song”. Also, thanks for the love from the Alternative blog, and

None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the actions of my good pal Joe either, so once again Joe, I thank you. And I thank all of you viewers for visiting and nearly giving me a heart attack! Except that Mike Hunt asshole guy…