The Babies – My Name 7″

THE BABIES are back with a brand new single on the Bad Paintings label in the UK, coming out just in time for the next Record Store Day which is just around the corner.

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from the Babies, so this single comes not a moment too soon. It’s being released specifically for the fifth annual Record Store Day, which is a week from this coming Saturday on April 21st. Included on the single are two brand new tracks from the Babies, both of which feature their charming pop sound that’s just too easy to love. As said by Kevin Morby himself, both of these songs come from the earliest days of the Babies, which were recorded at the same time as “All Things Come to Pass” and “Meet Me in the City“. As you listen this becomes more and more plausible thanks to an innocent and alluring track like “The War”, which definitely speaks for their earliest songs with plenty of delightful guitars and easy-going rhythms. You shouldn’t have much trouble agreeing – hear for yourself with these two tracks below!

My Name –

The War –

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Indie Rock, Record Store Day
My Name 7″: Tracklist:
1.) My Name
2.) The War

BUY the 7″ (or cassette! or both!) directly from Bad Paintings – only 50 cassettes
The Babies on Myspace

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