Happy Birthday – Shampoo 7″

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop

Last Saturday was Record Store Day, which means you should have had plenty of new records to spin this week. One record that I have been spinning more than others would be the latest from Happy Birthday, the glamorous pop-punk trio that recently put out their first full length record on Sub Pop. Sub Pop released a staggering amount of new records for the wake of Record Store Day, and one of those records just happened to be a brand new 7″ single featuring two unheard tracks from Kyle Thomas and the Happy Birthday gang.

In the first track “Shampoo”, you’re instantly met with an intense, shape shifting sound effect that’s bound to catch any listener off-guard upon the first listen. The bass that you hear in the beginning sticks around for the length of the song, which helps keep a steady, easy-going pace for the listener. Right before the 40-second mark is when the song really takes form, where the bass line and drums are introduced for the first time, which is a dangerously catchy combo. After things get moving, the music never quite takes a turn in any unexpected direction. Instead, you’re thrown into the middle of a well organized song, complete with shimmering sound effects, bell hits, hi-hat rolls and high-pitched vocals that compliment the sound quite nicely. Kyle Thomas is once again addressing a member of the opposite sex in his lyrics, singing “I got to look good for my girl, that’s you.” Instrumentally, this song sounds like it could be the background music for a bunch of people working together on an assembly line in a factory somewhere – sort of like this song right here, but I’m sure not everybody is thinking the same thing. Either way, this song has a nice sound to it. I have the b-side “Alien” below for you to listen to, so hopefully that works for ya. If not, this was a great excuse to post up the amazing “Girls FM” again, the opening track from their full length record.

“Alien” –

“Girls FM” –

Shampoo 7″: Tracklist
1.) Shampoo
2.) Alien

Happy Birthday’s self-titled LP previously posted on the Styrofoam Drone
BUY Happy Birthday’s self-titled release directly from Sub Pop Records
Happy Birthday on Myspace

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