The Myonics – Pagans

The Myonics are a band from San Francisco California. They have been around for many years with many different incarnations. Their most recent release Pagans is their first foray into vinyl. This record zig-zags back and forth between noisy psychotic freak outs interlaced with very catchy and pleasant but sometimes uncomfortably poignant hooks. The end result is an album with a lot of dissident and chaotic sounds packed tightly into ten surprisingly tight and well structured compositions.

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Ty Segall, White Fence, Mikal Cronin, Feeling of Love: Great American Music Hall – 3.2.2012

Ty Segall Band - Great American Music Hall - 3.2.2012

Friday March the 2nd was a good night for rock and roll in the city of San Francisco. Ty Segall headlined a sold out show at the historic Great American Music Hall with support from White Fence, Mikal Cronin, and The Feeling of Love. This show marked a milestone in Ty’s career and served as a showcase for San Francisco’s burgeoning garage rock scene.

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The Band In Heaven – Sleazy Dreams 7″

Hozac Records has just released a self-titled 7” from West Palm Beach, Florida’s Band in Heaven. This record has a slightly bi-polar nature. It jumps back and forth between two extremes: Half the time it sounds heavy and sinister the other half of it sounds ethereal and divine. Continue reading “The Band In Heaven – Sleazy Dreams 7″”

The Summer Twins – The Summer Twins

Burger Records has just released The Summer Twins self-titled LP. On this album The Summer Twins incorporate elements of surf and doo-wop into their garage rock sound. It was recorded entirely onto analog tape. This record has the typical retro sound of a Burger release, but it does not share the typical lo-fi quality. It sounds more like something produced by Phil Spector than something recorded in a hippie’s garage. Continue reading “The Summer Twins – The Summer Twins”

Ty Segall – Singles 2007-2010

Goner Records recently released Ty Segall – Singles 2007-2010 on a double vinyl LP. Over the past five years Ty Segall has been one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most prolific musicians, releasing six full length albums in between a seemingly non-stop touring schedule. In addition to his long playing records, he has also released a never ending stream of 7-inch singles, split records, live recordings, and limited releases. Not only does this album collect a few of those out of print rarities into one convenient package, but it also provides an excellent overview of the musician’s early career by tracking his meteoric rise from his humble lo-fi surf recordings to the more developed sound of his later work. Continue reading “Ty Segall – Singles 2007-2010”

Kam Kama – The Tiled House EP

Kam Kama of Bloomington, Indiana are about to release their debut EP. It’s titled “The Tiled House” and it’s being released through Sister Cylinder records. Kam Kama began playing shows in October of 2010. Over the past few years then they have cultivated a synth-heavy post-punk sound packed tightly with layer upon layer of haunting melodies and cathartic despair. Their dark and melancholic sound will be agreeable to any fans of Joy Division, The Smiths, or Echo and The Bunnymen. Continue reading “Kam Kama – The Tiled House EP”

Feathers – Hunter’s Moon

Female four-piece Feathers (unintentional alliteration!) hail from my hometown of Brisbane, Australia. Having essentially had three incarnations over their half-decade existence, it has been interesting to witness their evolution. First starting out as a trio, then losing a drummer, picking up a new drummer and a bass-player, the progression of the band is inevitable. Yet as they release new album Hunter’s Moon through ace local label Bon Voyage, Feathers are intent to showcase how far they have come – and as a time capsule highlighting the genesis of the band up to today, the album succeeds admirably. Continue reading “Feathers – Hunter’s Moon”

The Growlers/ Thee Ludds – Palmist Split 12″

FatCat Records’ subsidiary label Palmist Records are hitting home run after home run with their slew of split releases, and their sixth concoction keeps the good times rolling. The two bands in question this time around are LA deviants THE GROWLERS and Leicester, England’s nascent degenerates THEE LUDDS. Continue reading “The Growlers/ Thee Ludds – Palmist Split 12″”

Otro Mundo – Jellied CS

Tempe, Arizona may not be a prolific area for expansive noise, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In fact, if Otro Mundo is any indication, there may just be a rich, black seam of anarchic sludge pop bubbling just underneath the surface, waiting for a sonic Daniel Plainview to ruthlessly suck it up like a milkshake. Continue reading “Otro Mundo – Jellied CS”