The Summer Twins – The Summer Twins

Burger Records has just released The Summer Twins self-titled LP. On this album The Summer Twins incorporate elements of surf and doo-wop into their garage rock sound. It was recorded entirely onto analog tape. This record has the typical retro sound of a Burger release, but it does not share the typical lo-fi quality. It sounds more like something produced by Phil Spector than something recorded in a hippie’s garage.

Side A begins with “Got Somebody to Dream About” a slow dreamy Doo-Wop number about a girl who is alone in her bed. She feels cold and lonely, but she is able to sleep because she has somebody special to dream about. The second track “I Don’t Care” picks up the pace a little and brings in some attitude. After that the record slows down again for “Stars Aligned”, a mellow tune with a surf beat and Hawaiian inlfuenced acoustic guitar. The narrator sings about getting together with the man of her dreams, but then she realizes that the reality of this guy can never live up to her fantasies. “Apple Orchards” is a more upbeat psychedelic tune with an electric guitar up front and an organ droning in the background. Side A concludes with “Try”, a slow, painfully-sincere ballad about trying your absolute best.

Side B opens with a dark tune “Teardrops On My Pillow” about a woman who wakes from a dream to find her lover gone. The next song “I Could Never Break Your Heart” is a bitter-sweet acoustic duet about two lovers who who fall in love at first sight. There is an immediate spark, but they both go their separate ways because they want to preserve their perfect memory, rather than spoil it by getting to know each other. “Pickin’ Dasies” features a slight country twang and a hard driving bass drum pulsating through the mix. “I Will Love You” is a Doo-Wop song with hand clapping and a backing chorus of “oohs” and “aahs”. The album ends on a high note with “Worryhead”. This song is written for a worried friend. It tells them to go to sleep where they can recede into their dreams and wake up to a new day.

Genre/ Tags: Doo-Wop, Girl-Group, Surf, Garage-Rock, Psychedelic
Summer Twins s/t: Tracklist:
1.) Got Somebody to Dream About
2.) I Don’t Care
3.) Stars Aligned
4.) I Will Love You
5.) Try
6.) Apple Orchards
7.) Teardrops On My Pillow
8.) I Could Never Break Your Heart
9.) Pickin’ Dasies
10.) Worryhead

Buy the 12“ Vinyl or CD from Burger Records
or download the album from Bandcamp

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