A Brief Conversation with Jel & Odd Nosdam

mic check @ the Crosby in Santa Anna ’09

Jel & Odd Nosdam, founding members of Anticon, have been very busy lately. They took a few minutes to sit down with me and talk about their current and upcoming projects. Enjoy the Nosdam enhanced interview as you read the text below.

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V/A – Live at the Empty Bottle

For nearly twenty years the The Empty Bottle has remained one of Chicago’s most enduring rock and Roll venues. Beginning in 2010 audio engineer Shimby McCreery has been recording select performances and streaming them online through Bandcamp. Chicago based Hozac Records has just released a compilation entitled Live at the Empty Bottle which collects 14 highlights from the live series onto one incredible vinyl disk.  Continue reading “V/A – Live at the Empty Bottle”

A Brief Conversation With Pamela

Pamela: Ashely, Courtney, and Chris

San Francisco’s Pamela are putting together their next release. I sat in with them last Friday at Temple Randolph Studios to observe their first session for the new record. It is being recorded by Jasper Leach and Brian Davy, of the Myonics and Symbolic Jews, on a vintage Tascam Midistudio 688 cassette recorder. Continue reading “A Brief Conversation With Pamela”

Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light LP

Sweet Heart Sweet Light is the latest offering and sacrament from Spirtualized. Throughout his career guitarist Jason Pierce (aka J. spacemen) has provided us with multicolored  galaxy uppers, downers, screamers, and laughers. This album is definitely a downer. Like a potent mixture of Darvon and Valium this is the sort of rock & roll that would have killed Lester Bangs. Continue reading “Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light LP”

Serengeti – Kenny Dennis EP

David Cohn (aka Serengeti, aka Kenny Dennis) has released 11 solo albums in the last ten years, in addition to appearing on almost as many split and collaborative records. He is about to release a new EP through Anticon written entirely from the perspective of his O’Doul’s drinking alter-ego named Kenny Dennis. Continue reading “Serengeti – Kenny Dennis EP”

The Hussy – Dokks 7″

The Hussy are a two-piece trash band from Madison, Wisconsin. Last month they released a 7inch single: “Dokks” backed with “On the Cover”. I like this record! This band gets to the point, they make it, and they’re out. This entire single clocks in at under three minutes, making this the perfect record for today’s modern, drug-addled, hipster freak with an old, fucked-up turn table and a severely diminished attention span.

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The Myonics – Pagans

The Myonics are a band from San Francisco California. They have been around for many years with many different incarnations. Their most recent release Pagans is their first foray into vinyl. This record zig-zags back and forth between noisy psychotic freak outs interlaced with very catchy and pleasant but sometimes uncomfortably poignant hooks. The end result is an album with a lot of dissident and chaotic sounds packed tightly into ten surprisingly tight and well structured compositions.

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