The Band In Heaven – Sleazy Dreams 7″

Hozac Records has just released a self-titled 7” from West Palm Beach, Florida’s Band in Heaven. This record has a slightly bi-polar nature. It jumps back and forth between two extremes: Half the time it sounds heavy and sinister the other half of it sounds ethereal and divine.

The first track, “Sleazy Dreams”, comes on fast and never slows down. It has a menacing industrial beat and haunting synth that gives off a general impending feeling of doom. “If Only You Knew” completely reverses direction. This song has a slow folk inspired melody, but it is backed by incessant drone that gives the song a sense of spiritual significance. Side B follows a similar structure to the first side: ”Summer Bummer” has a heavy, hard driving beat and a ghostly synth, and the final track slows down to a cool gritty groove with slow sludgy guitars and distant drugged out vocals.

“If You Only Knew”

Genre/ Tags: Shoegazer, Psychedelic, Post-Punk,
Band in Heaven 7″″: Tracklist:
1) Sleazy Dreams
2) If You Only Knew
3) Summer Bummer
4) Sludgy Dreams

Get the vinyl from Hozac
Or download it from their Bandcamp page

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