Friday’s Find: Useless Eaters – Hypertension

useless eaters hypertension lp 2013 jeffery drag records

From the raw and crudest beginnings to this third and brand new LP Hypertension on Jeffery Drag Records, Seth Sutton has brought his Useless Eaters moniker an awfully long way.

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My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Punk, Post-Punk
Hypertension LP: Tracklist:
1.) A New Program
2.) Moody Bitch
3.) Addicted to the Blade
4.) Death Gripped
5.) Life on a Grid
6.) Black Night Ultraviolet
7.) Hypertension
8.) Shapes of a Mannequin
9.) Wyte Girls
10.) Smoke Alarm
11.) Malfunction
12.) Vertical Africa

BUY the LP directly from Jeffery Drag Records – limited to 500 on color vinyl !
Useless Eaters on Facebook

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5 responses to “Friday’s Find: Useless Eaters – Hypertension

  1. Nice! Thanks for pointing this out, ordered split color. Can’t wait to hear this new stuff.

  2. And does that cover remind you a little bit of blood visions?

  3. Best post punk band nowadays !

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