Useless Eaters – The Moves 7″ EP

useless eaters the moves 7 ep jolly dream 2012

Here’s one from USELESS EATERS on Jolly Dream Records that we never quite got around to last year. This single gives new life to four tracks from a past Useless Eaters cassette/12″ record titled Zulu from 2011.

After listening, it’s clear why tracks like these would be worthy of a rebirth on their own 7″. The four songs included here are prime examples of Seth Sutton’s off-kilter punk-pop anthems, ultimately adding one more 7″ to his ever-expanding discography. “The Moves” itself is probably the most fitting example of Sutton’s weird, shaky pop on this 7″, but not to mention it just goes to show this dude has a knack for penning maddeningly catchy punk jams. We all already knew that, but it’s nice to be reminded with a strange single like this one. The remainder of the 7″ should speak for itself – hear some now with these two tracks below. Then sit tight in 2013 because Sutton will be delivering us a brand new album from Jeffery Drag Records on February 19th! Bring it on!

Proper Conduct –

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Pop, Lo-Fi
The Moves 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) American Cars
2.) The Moves
3.) Proper Conduct
4.) Plague is Vague

BUY the 7″ directly from Jolly Dream Records – first 100 on red vinyl !
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