Useless Eaters – Black Night Ultraviolet 7″ EP

Seth Sutton of the Nashville based USELESS EATERS hasn’t really stopped all year. Black Night Ultraviolet is at least his third 7″ of 2012 and first for Manimal Vinyl, with more already in sight.

As soon as Seth Sutton releases one 7″, he’s already got two more ready to drop – or at least that’s how it seems. Black Night Ultraviolet was his newest release, but this New Program 7″ for Anti Fade Records in Australia would officially be Sutton’s latest. We’ll get to that one in time, because this EP for Manimal Vinyl is a pivotal point in the constantly growing catalog of Useless Eaters. Much like this description of Addicted to the Blade at Tic Tac Totally predicted, “The seed is healthy. If it finds fertile ground, this should be a turning point for USELESS EATERS toward a more matured yet energized and powerful signature.”

The material on this new 7″ from Manimal is exactly the maturation they’re talking about. You can hear it almost immediately, especially in a track like “Malfunction.” The song is driven by a wonky bass lines and tight drumming, making for an excellent backdrop for the shredded guitars to let loose. If you happened to catch any recent Useless Eaters shows, this song alone probably left you picking your jaw up off the floor.

Considering the kind of off-kilter lo-fi punk we usually get from Useless Eaters, this 7″ may catch you off guard with it’s cleaner pop leanings and clear complexion. This is the first in Sutton’s prolific discography that sounds anything like it, leaving us to believe a change of pace may be on the horizon? It’s really too soon to bet on anything like that, but the new Anti Fade 7″ could be a good indication. Future predictions aside, we still have four new Useless Eaters tracks thanks to this 7″. Hear some below!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Pop, Lo-Fi
Black Night Ultraviolet 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Black Night Ultraviolet
2.) Malfunction
3.) Hypertension
4.) Moody Bitch

BUY the 7″ from – not sure. been waiting for this one to be available for awhile. Contact Manimal Vinyl
Useless Eaters on Facebook

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