Useless Eaters – Hear/ See 7″

Useless Eaters is the moniker for 19-year-old Seth Sutton from Memphis, TN and he records these songs himself with a four-track cassette. This is his most recent release, coming from the Memphis label Shattered Records, which was originally put together and run by Jay Reatard back in 2004. Unfortunately Reatard is no longer with us, but his label continues to churn out some damn good tunes, as proved by this 7″ here. And wherever he is, I’m sure Jay would be smiling.

Three brand new Useless Eaters songs fill this fine new piece of wax, with each song getting its point across before the two minute mark. That being said, this thing rips through pretty quickly, but it rips pretty hard too. Noisy, spiny guitar-driven songs dominate as Sutton shouts in anger over the head spinning racket. You should check out these songs below, ripped directly from the 7″!

Hear/ See –

Just A Person –

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Lo-Fi
Hear/See 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Hear/See
2.) Smoke Alarm
3.) Just a Person

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Useless Eaters on Blogspot
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