Useless Eaters – C’est Bon!

It always seems like busy time for Seth Sutton of USELESS EATERS. It’s been a productive year, with at least three 7″ singles and this LP from Southpaw Records now under his belt.

Sutton has brought Useless Eaters a long way since starting back at 19 years old. If you’ve taken the time to preview the stuff from the latest 7″ on Manimal Vinyl, you’ll see what I’m getting at. On top of that, if you’ve ever made a point to catch Useless Eaters live, you’ll have no choice but to believe. Sutton and the gang came through Philadelphia last week and absolutely tore down Silk City, to which I felt it was crucial to get C’est Bon! up on here. I even drove to their show two days later in New York City and it was worth every second. So what this should all mean to you: if you’re considering to check Useless Eaters when they come to your town, DO IT.

As far as C’est Bon goes, it’s probably Sutton’s most accomplished full length release to date. It’s fairly short, lasting about twenty minutes spanning through twelve tracks (which never seems like enough), but it’s the material within that counts. Right away, “Receiver (Drop the Bomb)” sets the tone, shoving some muffled guitar fury right down our throats with a weird and crunchy lo-fi edge. You can feel all of the raw, pent up energy coming through in the caffeinated guitar hooks of a song like “Daft Love,” which is exactly the kind of infectious vigor that makes these tracks so memorable. “Year 11” continues the raging onslaught, where sharp guitar shards call all the shots until the tracks eventual fade-out. The album even includes puzzling instrumental tracks like “Telekinesis” which help change up the pace of the record.

Following that, “Certain Doom” is a hot and hypnotizing jam, with thick, springy bass lines leading the way over the thud of the tom-tom rhythm. “Common Reaction” almost works as a quick, one minute snapshot of the album, offering up a sloppy, pummeling rhythm with the mangled guitars that dominate the mix.

For the ultimate proof, you should probably just see this frenzied batch of tracks below. If that’s not enough for you, I’d say it’s a very good idea to go and preview the upcoming stuff from the new 7″ on Manimal Vinyl. The stuff was killer in the live setting and I recall those songs in particular leaving me absolutely floored at both shows. Do it.

Daft Love –

Year 11 –

Rich Boys and Rich Girls –

At the Parkette –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Post-Punk
C’est Bon LP: Tracklist:
1.) Drop the Bomb (Receiver)
2.) Daft Love
3.) Year 11
4.) Sitting At Your Table
5.) Telekinesis
6.) Certain Doom
7.) Rich Boys and Rich Girls
8.) Common Reaction
9.) New Connection
10.) At the Parkette
11.) Tight Squeeze
12.) C’est Bon!

BUY the LP directly from Southpaw Records – won’t be around forever !
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Useless Eaters on Facebook

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