Tennis – South Carolina 7″

Sooo I have to be honest here. If it wasn’t for an awesome friend that I have looking out for me up in the North Jersey/ New York area, I probably wouldn’t be making this post about this 7″ right now. On top of that, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here with the actual record in my hands either. I speak of my friend Christen, who totally hooked me up with both of the SOLD OUT Tennis singles that have been driving people mad lately. She went to one of their shows and picked up both of the singles, and then sent them to me. How fucking cool is that? The best part is I had absolutely no idea it was coming, so when I first opened her package I was pretty psyched. Thanks again for that Christen, this stuff is AWESOME.

If you remember where we left off with the other Tennis 7″, then you probably already know what to expect. These songs pretty much fall in the same vein as the others, and it’s a great thing too, because I don’t think there’s enough of this lounge-around-on-a-Sunday-morning Tennis music that’s oh so delightful. These songs bring you to that place somewhere up in New England on a bright, sunny afternoon without a cloud in the sky. Both songs on the record evoke a nautical, seashore-bound feeling, while Alaina Moore continues to grace us with her gorgeous voice over both of these two awesome new Tennis songs. If you haven’t heard either of them yet, I have both of them right below for you to check out, so get on that!

South Carolina –

Sea Farer –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Lo-Fi, Lounge
South Carolina 7″: Tracklist:
1.) South Carolina
2.) Sea Farer

Tennis on Myspace
Tennis on Bandcamp
Tennis – Baltimore 7″ previously posted on the Drone

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