Desolation Wilderness – No Tomorrow 7″

What’s up people. Here’s a band we haven’t talked about here on the Drone just yet. Their name is DESOLATION WILDERNESS, and they hail from Olympia in Washington state. There’s just one problem now – Desolation Wilderness isn’t a band anymore. It’s a huge bummer too, because these dudes had quite a unique sound going for them. Nic Zwart made a post on their Blogspot page back in Feburary of 2010 saying that he is moving to San Francisco, thus proving that Desolation Wilderness is no more. But it doesn’t mean that’s the end of their career in music for good, oh no. Zwart has been working on another project for at least a year now, and you may already know it as Electric Sunset. If not, go check’em out. But I kind of got off task here. Desolation Wilderness is our band of focus today. Maybe we’ll have something from Electric Sunset some other day…

So yeah, basically the A-side of this 7″ comes from their last full-length album before they called it quits, called New Universe. The B-side doesn’t come from any of their albums, so it must be extra material that never made it on an album…or something. Whenever I hear Desolation Wilderness, I have a tough time NOT thinking of a band like Galaxie 500, due to the slow but dreamy nature of the songs. On top of that, they’re always catchy as can be with dazed-out, dream like textures that kind of give you the feeling you’re staring into a blinding light with a good bit of drool spilling out of your mouth – which probably helped give them the name for their first full-length, “White Light Strobing”. The B-side of this 7″ fits perfectly with that description too, so if you’re looking to get your drool on…I have both sides of the records uploaded below, so you should definitely check those out.

No Tomorrow –

Pacific Palisades –

My Rating: 7.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Slowcore, Ambient
No Tomorrow 7″: Tracklist:
1.) No Tomorrow
2.) Pacific Palisades

BUY the 7″ directly from Insound – it’s only $4.40 – a steal if there ever was one!
Desolation Wilderness Blogspot
Desolation Wilderness on Myspace !
Desolation Wilderness on K Records
The new Desolation Wilderness – Electric Sunset

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