Campfires – Tomorrow, Tomorrow

campfires tomorrow tomorrow lp fire talk records 2012

It’s taken some time but the debut LP from CAMPFIRES is almost here. Tomorrow, Tomorrow is Jeff Walls’ first release since moving from Chicago to Portland and also his first for Fire Talk label in Brooklyn, coming in a very short run of just 150 12″ pressings.

We’ve been following Campfires for awhile now which makes it easy to say this one has been worth the anticipation. If any of the prior Campfires releases have caught your ears then you’re going to want to stick around. Walls continues right where he left us with his warming and folksy pop charm, sprinkled with delicate guitars and some occasional psych haze to mix things up. On top of that there’s always a small, teasing bit of crispy lo-fi fuzz to cut through, much like you’re hearing the songs channeled through an old, crackly stereo. Lead single “Fortune Teller” quickly serves as a reminder of Walls’ uplifting pop energy, displayed through bright, jangly guitars and notions of positivity. With that being said, if you’re day is seeming a bit dull, throw this record on your turntable and your problems will melt away.

Aside from these hazy pop nuggets, Walls has scattered a few instrumental tracks into the mix for good measure. Tracks like “Acre Looks”, “Jeux et Jouet” or “Lamplighter” fit into this category, sounding like breezy soundscapes as you cruise through the countryside. Album closer “Gone Country Dream” is the wobbly tribute to the late Bill Doss (who passed away this summer in July), wrapping up this short but impressive debut in under twenty-seven minutes.

Listen to these three brand new tracks from the album via YouTube right below. Then go and preorder the LP from Fire Talk Records because it doesn’t look like it’s going to be around for very long!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Folk, Pop, Lo-Fi
Tomorrow, Tomorrow LP: Tracklist:
1.) If the Darkness Were to Bend
2.) Fortune Teller
3.) Simple Things
4.) Acre Looks
5.) Time for a Ride
6.) Rye Loves Sword
7.) Jeux et Jouet
8.) The Lighted Avenues
9.) Glass Arrows
10.) Lamplighter
11.) Bayonet
12.) Tomorrow, Tomorrow
13.) Gone Country Dream (for Bill Doss)

BUY the LP directly from Fire Talk Records – limited to 150 !
Campfires – Official Website

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