Song of the Day #37: Theo Verney – “Dead n Bones”

theo verney dead n bones 2012

Today we’re introducing 22-year-old THEO VERNEY, a multi-instrumentalist hailing from Brighton in the UK. Verney has been in and out of bands over time, but now he’s making music on his own terms for the first time. Everything you’re about to hear in “Dead n Bones” was written, played, recorded and produced by the man himself. That’s not a surprise considering he’s been playing instruments his entire life, starting with violin at the young age of four. He’s influenced by bands/artists like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart amongst others, some of which you can hear coming through in this fuzzy and staggered monstrosity titled “Dead n Bones”. The track comes along with a grungy, almost bluesy sounding snarl, characterized by crunchy guitar scuzz, some brief, high-voltage soloing and Verney’s nasty scowl. It’s a short track, but you can’t help but feel there’s going to be something bigger down the road. Verney is currently in the middle of mixing and mastering some songs for a new EP, so we’ll have to see what comes next!

Until then check out “Dead n Bones” right below. His Soundcloud page also includes another original track “Seventh Son” as well as a cover of the Misfit’s “She” (both free downloads!). Don’t sleep on it!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Lo-Fi

Theo Verney on Soundcloud – snag some free downloads !
Theo Verney on Bandcamp – download “Dead n Bones” !

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