Gay Republicans – Raw Doggerel EP

gay republicans raw doggerel EP 2012

GAY REPUBLICANS of State College, PA just self-released their Raw Doggerel EP with the help of some friends. Over about a year and a half the band has evolved from a weirdo two-piece into this electrifying trio.

It’s kind of hard to say exactly what’s going on here, so we’ll try and make it easy for you. As a duo the band shamelessly admitted to ripping off of Pissed Jeans, but as they say themselves, “nowadays we’re a more melodic kind of psychedelic garage.” That description isn’t too far off (it’d be closer ditching the “psychedelic” for “noisy”), but the one thing it doesn’t mention is their tendency to switch gears into invigorating dance anthems. Tracks like “Let’s Get Gentrified” or “Crust Fund” speak for these exhilarating changes, while the remaining two tracks showcase their dense sound with heavy fuzz guitars and sharp, angular riffs. EP highlight “Cocaine Werewolf” fits the mold with its grungy hooks and over-driven intensity, being just one example of this wild sound on an EP that’s brimming with these nasty punches.

Hear Raw Doggerel in it’s entirety right below – you can also ‘name your price’ to download the EP on Bandcamp.

Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Post-Punk, Noise Rock
Raw Doggerel EP: Tracklist:
1.) Let’s Get Gentrified
2.) Crust Fund
3.) Cocaine Werewolf
4.) I Like My Life

‘Name Yr Price’ for the EP on the Gay Republicans Bandcamp
Gay Republicans on Facebook

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