Campfires – Mystery Scapes CS

This is at least the second cassette from CAMPFIRES in 2012, while a third came out right before the new year in 2011. This new full length tape comes from Terroir Editions in a short run of just 100 pressings.

As far as we’re concerned, Jeff Walls has been delivering us some of the most consistent material over such a short time span. This is something we should probably be thankful for, because he’s yet to let us down. This time around the cassette brings us more of full-length format, packed full with these jangly, folksy psych pop anthems that we’ve come to adore – like “In Year 90,000” or “Red Five and Dime.” It’s easy enough to say that these tracks are all on point with past releases from Walls, so you shouldn’t be expecting any new surprises. There’s an innocent and warming vibe that manages to work their way into each track, like in the instrumental “Industrial Sunset Theme Song” or “Nine Lives” with its blown-out, chicken-scratch guitars and memorable vocal hooks.

As for the future, we might be able to expect a vinyl LP somewhere down the road, but for now we’ll see what happens. For anybody just discovering Campfires, please make use of these tracks below. On top of that, make sure to check out the bottom of the post for all the past Campfires releases we’ve covered – it’s worth catching up!

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Folk, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi
Mystery Scapes CS: Tracklist:
1.) Factory Grass
2.) Amelia
3.) In Year 90,000
4.) Nine Lives
5.) Industrial Sunset Theme Song
6.) Red Five and Dime
7.) October
8.) They’ll Seem Like Castles
9.) 1,000 Ships
10.) Transit
11.) By and By and Bye
12.) Take Me Away

BUY the cassette directly from Terroir Editions – limited to 100 !
Campfires – Official Website

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