The Spyrals – The Spyrals

THE SPYRALS are a three-piece psych-rock band from San Francisco with an excellent debut LP that just dropped way under the radar. We’re hear to tell you that this won’t be the case for too long. Continue reading “The Spyrals – The Spyrals”

Oldermost – Oldermost

Coming from the Fishtown area of North Philadelphia, I am more than pleased to present you with OLDERMOST. These guys are one of the newest bands coming from Philly these days, and their first batch of songs here are beyond worthy of some attention. So stick around to see just what they’re all about. Continue reading “Oldermost – Oldermost”

Son of Rams – Frolics in the Pink EP

Over the Summer we heard some music from a new band called Family Trees, who released their debut 7″ from Father/ Daughter Records. At almost the same point in time, Family Trees member Joseph Pruitt made his way through the blogosphere with his side band SON OF RAMS. Back then he was spreading the word about his untitled full length album, and now he’s back again with some more for us this November. It’s an eight song EP called “Frolics in the Pink”, and now I’d like to bring those eight songs to your attention.

Starting off the EP is a song called “Triple Eyed”, and it’s easily the first highlight to reveal itself from this collection of tracks. This song would have fit in perfectly with the untitled album from back in the Summer due to it’s stunning lead guitar work and dizzying atmosphere. Pruitt brings his shrieking, whiny vocals back to the table once again to give the songs a frantic and frenzied energy. It’s not only his vocals though that gives the songs their hectic qualities. A good portion of it also comes from his mind-bending guitar work and the fast paced action of the songs.

For example, in the track “I Feel as the Zion” – quick, concentrated guitar hooks dominate as Pruitt wails along behind them, giving the song a completely wild and deranged approach. Then there’s “Change Now Stop”, which follows a similar path. Shimmying guitars and quick vocal outbursts from Pruitt only further prove that these songs will never settle down. There’s always power pulsing through the guitars, whether it’s simple chords or a ridiculous solo (see the ending of “A Blond Temple”), but either way this stuff is sure to please. If quick, fiery guitars paired with whiny, boyish vocals tickles your fancy, then you’re certainly in luck. And don’t forget to check out the Son of Rams site for some free download action. See ya tomorrow.

Triple Eyed –

Boost Up –

I Feel as the Zion –

Change Now Stop –

My Rating: 7.2/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Rock, Lo-Fi
Frolics in the Pink EP: Tracklist:
1.) Triple Eyed
2.) Boost Up
3.) Staring Up at a Chinese Kite
4.) Frolics in the Pink
5.) I Feel as the Zion
6.) Face to Face
7.) Change Now Stop
8.) A Blond Temple

DOWNLOAD the new EP and the Untitled LP w/ this link
Son of Rams – Untitled LP previously posted on the Drone
Check out Pruitt’s other band, Family Trees
Son of Rams on

The Tressels – Bourbon Legend

Today we’ve got a new release from a local Philly band that some of you city-dwellers from around the area may have already heard. They’re simply known as THE TRESSELS, and they’re from the outskirts of West Philadelphia, specifically from a place you might know as Drexel Hill.

These guys have been on the music scene for a good chunk of time in Philadelphia, releasing at least two full lengths and a handful of underground demos and EPs before “Bourbon Legend” was ever finished. That being said, “Bourbon Legend” took almost two and a half years to complete, finishing the album while jumping the hurdles that most bands would fall victim to, such as technical issues, long periods of inactivity, and difficulty in finding a consistent drummer who would stick around. Truth be told, The Tressels weathered the storm, found a solid drummer, and now today we have “Bourbon Legend” after it’s all said and done. So let’s listen, shall we?

Having nearly 30 songs ready to include on the tracklist, this Tressels album comes jam-packed with just ten new psyched-out face melters. Ten seems like a lot now, but after listening it’s obvious that ten isn’t quite enough. Two of the songs (“Autopsy” and “Don’t Look Down”) were taken from their past albums and re-recorded, making them fit in with the rest of this record. A good portion of these songs play over the four minute mark, giving the band ample time to lay down some nasty guitar work and build up enough energy for huge, mind-bending breakdowns.

One of those biggest break downs comes in the track “Brothel Blues”, in which lightning-like guitars rain down over the mix, complementing crashing drums and the like. The shit really hits the fan in the final minute as they take the guitar lick around for another spin, totally destroying everything in sight. Wouldn’t you LOVE to witness this in a live setting? Other highlights include, but are not limited to “Don’t Look Down”, featuring more fierce guitars and epic breakdowns, “South Beach Vampires” which has a moody, blues rock feel, and “Denim Jacket” which is a fantastic way to close out the album. Check out these songs below, experience the guitar madness for yourself, and let it take you away. See ya tomorrow.

Brothel Blues –

Don’t Look Down –

South Beach Vampires –

Denim Jacket –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Psychedelic, Rock
Bourbon Legend: Tracklist:
1.) Autopsy
2.) Brothel Blues
3.) Stolen Kiss
4.) Guitar for a Gun
5.) Don’t Look Down
6.) South Beach Vampires
7.) Skeletons Dancing
8.) I Believe You
9.) Ethyl Alcohol
10.) Denim Jacket

The Tressels on Myspace
The Tressels Official Blogspot page
BUY the album digitally from iTunes
Listen to all of “Bourbon Legend” on Soundcloud

Sleepovers – Secret 7″

Does anybody remember being younger back in elementary school times and just straight up hanging out with friends on the weekends? You never had to worry about working, and you usually hung out at local “cool places” like the mall, the bowling alley, and movie theater, where other kids from your age group would walk around in their baggy jeans claiming they were in some sort of “gang” just because they hung out at the movies all day.

While I never thought those kids were cool, I’m sure the good people in the band SLEEPOVERS felt the same way, and I say this because this 7″ of theirs captures that young, happy, innocent and carefree attitude that most kids that age have. Once the movies were over or you finished your game of bowling, you’d head back to one of your best friends houses and proceed to stay up for as long as possible, playing video games and carrying on like there was no tomorrow, most likely keeping the hosts parents awake all night. But you would never show how tired you were actually getting, because everybody fears being the first person asleep at a sleepover. Kind of ironic too.

One of the first words that might come to mind when listening to this 7″ is “fun”, and it probably should! I’m pretty sure that’s what the Sleepovers were aiming for with this single, because when it comes down to it, that’s exactly what it is. Lively, catchy, fun-loving indie-pop with some awesome guitar work slipped in throughout. “Secret” has a beyond satisfying guitar lick that really helps the song hit that high mark, which will most likely force you to spin it for another quick listen. Three of the four members appear to be siblings, which also adds to the seemingly endless amusement that’s brought along with this band. Hell, their Facebook page even claims right from the beginning that they are indeed fun, so even they know what’s good. And if Sleepovers already know it, and I’m just learning it, that leaves one other person to learn – you. Be sure to check out these songs below, and don’t forget to snag their 7″ before it’s gone for good. There’s another track from the 7″ on their Myspace, so don’t forget to check that one out as well – it’s called “Sleepovers are Fun”.

Secret –

Together Forever –

My Rating: 6.8/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Lo-Fi, Rock & Roll
Secret 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Secret
2.) Sleepovers are Fun
3.) Together Forever

BUY this 7″ from Insound – Limited to 500 !
Sleepovers on Myspace
Sleepovers on Facebook
More info. on the Sleepovers @ Hozac Records

Forming – Forming 7″

Hey hey. Got something for you guys today, and I think you’re gonna like it. The name of the band is FORMING, and they’re from Long Beach, California, where they’re living the life and chillin’ …eternally. They’ve got two official releases out there for us – one of them being this 7″ we have here today and then a CD-EP called “Sleep Like a Dog” that were both put out by the same label.

Now I know this might be a stretch, but the singer in this band somewhat reminds me of Tim Kinsella from Cap’n Jazz, but certainly not in every way – just that raspy quality of his voice. I’m only saying this because I’ve been listening to a shit ton of Cap’n Jazz since that AWESOME show last Saturday, which you can still check out right here. But moving on…

This 7″ captures the bands raw energy quite nicely, with their heavy guitar driven jams and grieving lyrics about being drunk and unhappy and stuff. Perhaps the best example of raw energy comes about halfway through on the third track “BABCAB”, which is a fiery guitar solo that will certainly lighten the mood of the song, because chances are the lyrics aren’t going to do that. If you really want to talk about lyrics, skip ahead to the last track “Stay Home”. “Stay home tonight, turn out the lights…and cry for help” he screams about halfway through the track, only to have the song transfer over into this lazy stoner-jam until the final 30-seconds or so. They come back for a quick 30-second freak out at the end, which ultimately brings us to the end of the 7″. Listen to the two songs I just mentioned right below, and if that’s not enough for ya, head on over to their Myspace.


Stay Home –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Rock, Alternative, Emo
Forming 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Hate My Guts
2.) The Night Before
4.) Stay Home

Forming on Myspace
BUY the 7″ directly from Vitirol Records
Check out their CP-EP too, although it’s sold out – You can download it here

Son of Rams – Untitled LP

A little over a month ago a brand new band began making waves and hitting everybody’s inbox with words about their debut 7″. You might remember them as Family Trees.

There’s a dude who makes up 1/3 of Family Trees, and his name is Joseph Pruitt. Believe it or not, Mr. Pruitt has a solo-project when he’s not concentrating on Family Trees, and the name of the band is SON OF RAMS. He’s pretty much the only member of the band, taking the position on just about every instrument you can hear in the music. And if you’re expecting this to be somewhere in the same vein as Family Trees, then you’re sadly mistaken! He ditches that lazy, summery sound you hear in Family Trees and goes with his own blend of intoxicating guitar-driven weirdo-psych-rock that’s just fantastic. Each song features Pruitt shrieking and carrying on at excessive volumes, along side of some nasty lead-guitar work. No exaggeration either – just about every last song has a bad ass lead guitar hook (In Kind, This Wisdom, No Concept/No Logic, Spanish Mansions, The Veteran: James Page, Flying Tigers) or some crazy ass chicken-scratch solo (A Second Season, Ancients), and that’s about all it takes to get you to play the songs over and over again.

Since you guys have the ability to stream each song from the album (you can even download it all at once), I’m not going to go too in depth with any descriptions. Instead I’ll just say that the sooner you guys get into this stuff, the quicker you’ll be becoming addicted to all the unpredictable guitar madness that’s waiting for you around every corner of the album. If you don’t want to waste time downloading anything, just check out the few songs I’ve uploaded below. I’d recommend starting with “In Kind”. It’s a welcoming start to the album, as it almost comes off as a type of anthem when the lead guitar comes in during the second half.

In Kind –

No Concept/ No Logic –

Ancients –

Flying Tigers –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Psychedelic, Rock, Experimental
Untitled LP: Tracklist:
1.) In Kind
2.) This Wisdom
3.) No Concept/ No Logic
4.) A Second Season
5.) Ancients
6.) Spanish Mansions
7.) 7th Wonder
8.) The Veteran: James Page
9.) Flying Tigers
10.) Masters
11.) Claude Monet

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Son of Rams on

First Base – She’s Boy Crazy 7″ EP

If you’ve been having trouble smiling lately, First Base might be able to fix that for you. Their most recent release from Play Pinball! Records is about as poppy as they come these days, and there’s just no way you can wear a frown when listening to this stuff. They play these picture perfect pop songs, and if you’re not usually into this sort of thing, then chances are it will drive you crazy from their relentless pop approach. Each song is a rockin’ good time complete with boy-girl lyrics about relationships and things of that sort, and the band takes a minimalist approach to the music. The songs don’t last any more than three minutes, as each one starts just as quickly as it ends, and although it’s still not that long, this is the longest First Base release to date.

The EP features four songs, and they’re all just as shiny and glistening as the last First Base 7″ we covered. Only this time the 7″ takes on a much fuller sound than the previous one. Each song has it’s climax at some point, and it’s usually marked by a short but sweet guitar lick. One perfect example would be the song “You’re a Waste of My Time”. It’s nearly two minutes of in-yr-face pop action, and during the final minute comes some delicious guitar work that’s enough to make you spin the track again. This band probably doesn’t seem like much at first listen, but pay attention to the quick songs and you’re bound to fall in love. Beyond addicting.

You’re a Waste of My Time –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Rock, Pop, Minimalist, Lo-Fi
She’s Boy Crazy 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) She’s Boy Crazy
2.) I’ll Be Your Hangover
3.) You’re a Waste of My Time
4.) Back to Japan

First Base on Myspace!
BUY the 7″ from Play Pinball! Records – just waiting for the repress!
Check out the other First Base single “I’ve Got a Girl”

First Base – I’ve Got a Girl 7″

Here’s something new for today. The name of the band is FIRST BASE, and they hail from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They’ve had their Myspace account since November of 2007, and since then it looks like they’ve released two 7″ records. The first was put out in 2009 by Pizza Party Records, and then the second was just released during 2010 on Play Pinball! Records. Today we’re gonna focus on the earlier of the two records, but don’t get too upset – I’ve ordered the other 7″ from Play Pinball! so we’ll see that up here eventually. Just sit tight.

Now on to the music. “I’ve Got a Girl” is an exceptionally short release (it barely passes three minutes), but those three minutes are so poppy and catchy that they’re bound to get stuck in your head and keep you coming back for more for days. That’s probably what they’re going for, too. The two songs are so clean sounding and polished up that it makes it really hard to deny this band. A short bit past the first minute of “I’ve Got a Girl” and you’ll be facing a nasty little guitar lick, and it might not seem like much at first, but it’s pretty sick. Of course, it doesn’t last very long, but it still fits in their perfectly, and it’s kind of like the climax of the song. Then before you even have a chance to change gears, it’s time for the B-side.

Now I know it’s a good thing that this guy doesn’t want anybody to make his girl cry, but shouldn’t he be a bit more cautious too? If he’s writing this song he’s probably made his girl cry at least once. But let’s not get into that…that’s a whole different story. I think that’s it for today guys, so check out the song below, and then go to the First Base Myspace if you would like to hear more (including the B-side) . So that’s it…now instead of singing songs about this girl in your bed, why not get in there, son?

I’ve Got a Girl –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Rock, Lo-Fi
I’ve Got a Girl 7″: Tracklist:
1.) I’ve Got a Girl
2.) Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me

Check out First Base on Myspace
BUY the 7″ directly from Pizza Party Records – Only $7 (w/ shipping) !!!

The Golden Boys – Electric Wolfman

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Country, Rock, Punk

Exactly two weeks ago on this day I put up the Vermillion Sands “In the Wood” record. Shortly after making that post I went over to ALIEN SNATCH! Records to pick up the brand new VS full length record. In doing so, the good people at Alien Snatch decided to send me a promo of one of the other bands that they have on their roster. That band would be known as The Golden Boys, who hail from the beautiful Austin, TX. They play a raucous blend of country-folk punk rock, complete with bluesy guitar riffs and giant face pounding guitar solos, and they do it all with an attitude that’s guaranteed to crack a smile on any listeners face.

Now while the Golden Boys would be great just on their own, they’re even better because they had their friends the Spider Bags join them in the recording process of their album. I’m sure some of you are already familiar with the Spider Bags, but if not I would highly encourage you to look into them. One good way to start would be checking out this post on their first album, “A Celebration of Hunger”.

A good portion of this Golden Boys album was done with the Spider Bags, including songs like “Plainsman’s Lament”, “Kontroll Girls”, “Goddamn I Love the Ocean”, “Mr. Dickles”, and the track “Dish Towel”, which gives writing credits to Dan McGee, who is the lead singer of the Spider Bags. The first track I want to mention is “Goddamn I Love the Ocean”. It starts off with some beach-y sound effects before you’re in the midst of a rolling drum beat, and shortly after you’re met with the howls of Dan McGee and lead singer Matt Hoopengardner proclaiming their undying love for the ocean. Their love for the ocean goes hand in hand with them drinking a beer in a Wal-Mart parking lot, as they attempt to escape their landlocked town in pursuit of going “anywhere but here.” Let’s hope everything works out for them. The following track “Dish Towel” is a unique one indeed. For about the first minute things are a bit slow as the bluesy guitar riffs bring you through the intro. Then a quick drum roll and things change directions completely. The keyboards dominate in this track until about 2 minutes in when a huge guitar solo comes out of nowhere to serve no other purpose then to rock-yr-face off. Before listening to this song, I would have never considered referring to a person as a dish towel, but now after thinking about it, you could probably make that sound pretty offensive.

I would love to keep going on here, but it’s the end of the spring semester here at school, and I have a hell of a lot of other work to do. I’ll leave by saying that just about every last song on this album is worth hearing, especially the triumphant “Kontroll Girls”, the easy-going “She Said It”, or “Old Man’s Coat”. Just be sure to listen to the mp3s below, that’s all I ask. So thanks for coming by, and be sure to check back again real soon!

She Said It –

Kontroll Girls –

Dish Towel –

Electric Wolfman: Tracklist
1.) Electric Wolfmen
2.) Rock With Me Forever
3.) Plainsman’s Lament
4.) She Said It
5.) Kontroll Girls
6.) I’m Black and White
7.) Old Man’s Coat
8.) Goddamn I Love the Ocean
9.) Dish Towel
10.) Mr. Dickles
11.) A Message from Ross Johnson

The Golden Boys on Myspace
BUY “Electric Wolfman” directly from Daggerman Records or from Alien Snatch!