Vermillion Sands – In the Wood 7″

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Folk Rock, Italian

Hey friends, how’s it going? It’s raining right now in Philadelphia. That doesn’t make me happy. Hopefully the weather is better in your town.

So who remembers the Vermillion Sands? They’re a folky, gritty female-fronted band that come all the way from a place called Treviso in Northern Italy. And I’m sure it’s a beautiful place, unlike where I am today. So we have been following a handful of the releases from the Vermillion Sands, including their latest “Miss My Gun” EP, and one of their earlier efforts, the “Mary” 7″ that was put out on Rijapov Records. Now in 2010, we finally have a full length release from these Italian garage rockers, and you can find it over at ALIEN SNATCH! Records. My guess is that the full-length is a culmination of all of these smaller releases from the band, but I only recognize two songs on the tracklist. Either way, I’m sure the record will still be overflowing with the folky-garage pop sound that is the Vermillion Sands, along with the nasally voice of lead singer Anna Barattin…

…Just like this “In the Wood” 7″ that I have been neglecting to comment on. It has three new songs that you may or may not have heard up til now, with one of them being the opening track on the forthcoming full-length we were just talking about. That song is simply called “In the Wood”, and it kicks off quickly with a fuzzy synthesizer. It almost gives you that feeling that you’re actually in the woods somewhere, but that’s up for you to decide. Whenever I try to host an mp3 on the blog, it usually fails miserably, so I’m going to point you in the direction of their MySpace so you can hear “In the Wood”, just click that last link. It’s one of the first songs they have on their for your listening pleasure, so please do yourself a favor and check it out.

In the Wood 7″: Tracklist
1.) In the Wood
2.) May
3.) Trouble in My Way

Vermillion Sands on MySpace
BUY In the Wood directly from Fat Possum
BUY the Vermillion Sands latest full-length LP from ALIEN SNATCH! Records

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