The Spyrals – The Spyrals

THE SPYRALS are a three-piece psych-rock band from San Francisco with an excellent debut LP that just dropped way under the radar. We’re hear to tell you that this won’t be the case for too long.

Give it some time and these dudes are going to be all over the music blogs, it’s just a matter of discovery. Their debut, self-titled LP features a refreshing wave of mindful psych rock that extends through all nine songs on the tracklist. Songs sound huge and dense as they plow on through with glowing guitar jangles, where punchy bass lines and pummeling percussion combine for a staggering sound that shakes the very foundation of each track. Opener “Lonely Eyes” might speak to these feats best, while a track like “Disguise” just goes to show they’re truly a psych rock band. The latter half of “Disguise” see’s you through a lysergic swirl of shimmering guitars and gigantic guitar licks, where the same goes for a track like “Trying to Please” as well.

Following the first third of their album, the refreshing psych waves don’t stop. “Calling Out Your Name” is just another one of their patented psych onslaughts with a driving energy that keeps pushing forward until the last second. A bit later on, other tracks like “Radiator” supply the sensation that you can literally see (and feel) the lysergic haze radiating off the heated desert sand. Other tracks like “Save Yourself” feature searing guitar textures that will singe the eyebrows clean off your face while the bashing rhythm section continues to force its way through the mix. They change things up even more with the addition of the harmonica in “The Rain,” which just goes to show that these guys know exactly how they want to vary their sound.

Closing track “Evil Kind” has a haunting undertone that steams from those menacing synths. Once you hit the halfway point the song begins to bust open at the seams, exploding with multiple layers of guitar wizardry alongside of the bruising, tom-heavy drumming. This hectic finale should leave you with positive vibes in regard to the Spyrals, to the point where we’re already anticipating whatever comes next. Check out these songs below and you’ll soon discover what the Spyrals are all about.

PS – Thanks Patrick!

Lonely Eyes –

Disguise –

Calling Out Your Name –

The Rain –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Rock, Garage Rock
The Spyrals s/t: Tracklist:
1.) Lonely Eyes
2.) Disguise
3.) Trying to Please
4.) Calling Out Your Name
5.) Long Road Out
6.) Radiator
7.) Save Yourself
8.) The Rain
9.) Evil Kind

BUY the s/t LP digitally from the band on Bandcamp
The Spyrals – Official Website
The Spyrals on Facebook

6 thoughts on “The Spyrals – The Spyrals

  1. I have heard the Spyrals in person and they are awesome, you have to go listen to them. they are spectacular.

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