Song of the Day #47: Go!Zilla – “Dazed Dream”

go!zilla grabbing a crocodile lp 2013 black candy records

Courtesy of Black Candy Records in Italy and distributed by Rough Trade in Europe, GO!ZILLA just dropped their debut LP titled Grabbing a Crocodile. The band operates as a duo, delivering a grab-bag of sorts on their debut consisting of anything from punk to garage and dream pop to surf rock. The album’s self-titled single “Grabbing a Crocodile” starts us off with a gritty snarl, slowly burning and simmering in a pool of searing, acid-fueled psych. The band plans to make “Dazed Dream” the second single from their LP, which employs a totally different side of their approach to psychedelic rock. Warbled guitars and soaring vocals open the track with a hazy glimmer, creating a song that swings toward the dream pop fences.

Pretend it’s almost like a heavier Galaxie 500, using wondrous two-chord simplicity to progress the psyched-out bliss. Primal drumming and lysergic organs flutter as the track begins to re-emerge, revealing the details of a recalled dream (“I remember I was there”) along with a layer of invigorating guitar heat. As if you need any more reason to listen, you can get your fill of this crushing track right below. Head on over to the Go!Zilla Bandcamp if that’s got you drooling!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Psychedelic, Shoegaze

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Song of the Day #46: Shaky Shrines – “Can’t Quit”

shaky shrines mausoleum lp 2013

Pittburgh’s newest psychedelic rock band SHAKY SHRINES just dropped their debut LP at the beginning of November. The band formed back in July, but in just a few short months they’ve released a couple EPs, a bunch of op art/ music videos and a 2D side-scrolling virtual cemetery website. They even supplied the soundtrack to a documentary about motorcycles, and, oh yeah, we shouldn’t overshadow their new self-released album Mausoleum.

As proven by their long list of accomplishments, this band loves all things creepy and psychedelic. When frontman Braden Faisant isn’t shredding in Shaky Shrines, he works in a “giant cemetery in Pittsburgh doing things like cleaning out crypt spiders, carrying caskets and writing songs while riding different tractors.” As if you needed any other proof, a job like this goes a long way to help mold their doom-flavored psych. “Can’t Quit” is the driving lead single from their new album, centered around shadowy guitar hooks and Faisant’s breathy howling. This is some truly maddening guitar pop disguised by the darkened psych vibes, but that’s only focusing on this lone track. Mausoleum is over thirty minutes of all things psych, whether it’s the drony “Stones in the Graveyard” or the haunting “Someone’s In the Basement.” Be sure to check out the video for “Can’t Quit” below, then head over to the Shaky Shrines Bandcamp for a full dose of their shadowy psych.

Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Garage Rock, Alternative, Pop

Shaky Shrines – Official Website – awesome 2D side-scrolling website !
Shaky Shrines on Bandcamp

Song of the Day #45: Sun Stone Revolvers – “Spaceship X”

sun stone revolvers spaceship x lp optical sounds 2013

SUN STONE REVOLVERS is a trio hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They were formerly known as just REVOLVERS when they dropped their first album Apocalypse Surfin’ in 2010 on Optical Sounds, but now they follow it up in a big way with their sophomore LP Spaceship X. The album unfolds like a hazy storm cloud engulfing the sky, revealing self-titled track “Spaceship X” with a grungy bass line, atmospheric guitar textures and soaring vocals. It’s the perfect way to open up this album, trapping us in this simmering mixture of stormy psych that is as hypnotic as it is gripping. Track two “On the Run” follows up in a similarly mesmerizing fashion, sustaining a pulsing bass line and a tight, jangly rhythm section. With songs like these there’s no doubts about this tripped-out space rock, so take a moment to check out “Spaceship X” below. If that’s got you wondering, the rest of this album will certainly hit the spot.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Space Rock, Alternative

Sun Stone Revolvers – Official Website
Sun Stone Revolvers on Bandcamp

Song of the Day #44: Tough Age – “Sea of White”

tough age st lp 2013 mint records

Mint Records in Vancouver is currently prepping to release the debut LP from Canadian fuzz-rockers TOUGH AGE. The band is also based in Vancouver, featuring a cherry-picked line-up of shredders from plenty of past local bands. The band is spearheaded by frontman Jarrett K. (who was previously in Korean Gut), rounded out by guitarist Penny “Agamemnon” Clark, Lauren Smith on bass and Chris Martell on drums. Clarks buzzy, trashed-up guitar crunches lead the track with a crushing snarl, fortified by a buff and wall-like rhythm section underneath. Noisy and melodic guitar jangles are scattered into the tight rhythms, followed by Clark’s soaring background vocals. In the end it’s like a trashier form of head-splitting power-punk, and this is still only the first single from the album! You can hear “Sea of White” right below, and you can also place your pre-order for the LP now. The vinyl drops on November 12th and features that infintely-awesome comic book-collage album art. Dig it!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Punk

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Song of the Day #43: Evil Eyes – “Shake the Dust”

evil eyes borderlines lp 2013 eye in the sky

Last we heard from EVIL EYES they had just released their first single Keep Your Mind On Me. Now nearly three-quarters of a year later the band is putting the finishing touches on their debut album Borderlines. The album was just officially released on July 24th on the bands own Eye in the Sky Records, coming along with 12 tracks of their airy, dreamy pop. There’s one song included that we’re already familiar with (“Keep Your Mind On Me”), while “Shake the Dust” is the first of their unheard material. The track shows off their pristine approach to ethereal pop, decorated with icy synth beams and colorful guitar glimmers all wrapped up in a frothy haze. Listen to it below, then get your fill of their album on the Evil Eyes Bandcamp.

Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Ethereal

Evil Eyes – Official Website
Evil Eyes on Bandcamp

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Song of the Day #42: The Future Unwritten – “Attachment”

future unwritten put out this fire 2013 relay records

Hailing from Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware, THE FUTURE UNWRITTEN have been rocking between both cities since 2006. Put Out This Fire is their debut full-length on their own Relay Records imprint, coming a few years after their first EP Extended Play. The band is influenced by classics such as The Who, The Clash and The Kinks, which is evidenced by their soulful sounding rock and roll on their new album. But despite such influences, the trio still manages to step out of the box and play a number of styles. For example, “Attachment” is a blitzing, punk-infected anthem, dominated by melodic guitar squeals and aggressive hooks. It blows open with a splitting guitar solo, followed by a reggae-tinged breakdown for a jammy final minute. Despite the changes in momentum they never loosen their tight grip – find out by listening below.

Attachment –

Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Rock, Punk

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Song of the Day #41: The Janitors – “Nevereverism”

the janitors drone head lp 2013 nevereverism sotd

It was only a matter of time before THE JANITORS first two EPs would be pressed to vinyl. Thanks to Cardinal Fuzz Records in the UK, both of their digital EPs from 2012 are now available as a double LP in a gatefold sleeve. Fancy! The record officially drops on July 15th, including all 10 tracks from their EPs as well as some remixes and a brand new, previously unreleased track titled “Nevereverism.” Remixes include versions of Janitors songs from Al Lover, Strssmmt and the Janitors themselves, giving us a refreshing spin on some familiar tracks. Aside from those, “Nevereverism” naturally becomes a highlight on this double-vinyl. It boasts a sweeping haze that doesn’t let go for nearly six full minutes. As it all grows we encounter a perpetual stream of glowing guitars, followed by chanted vocals that echo and slither out from the shadows. The colorful buzz continues to saturate the air, at times sounding like a heavier Spacemen 3 as we simmer in the murky swirl. It’s an absolutely mesmerizing affair, and hopefully you weren’t expecting anything less from these Stockholm psych-outs. Listen to the song right below!

Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Drone

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Song of the Day #40: FayRoy – “I Had that Feeling Myself”

fayroy I had that feeling myself 2013 single lp

Today we’re introducing FAYROY, a surfy, folksy trio from San Francisco, California. About two years ago the band relocated from their home in Tampa, Florida to play more shows and focus on recording an album. Now in 2013 they’re seeing their ideas come to life. The band is currently finishing up their debut record which will be released this July, followed by a tour of both US coasts to support the album later this summer. They currently have two singles from their album featured on their Bandcamp. “I Had that Feeling Myself” shows off their twangy surf guitars, swirled by a palpable humid atmosphere as the waves wash up on the beach. It’s generally instrumental save for the lone chant “I had that feeling myself,” leading us through the murky surf with slithering guitars for a truly hypnotizing affair. It’s one you’re not going to want to miss, so get on board now and sit tight for their upcoming album. The band begins touring on July 6th in San Francisco at 50 Mason Social House, so you better be there to give them a proper send off! Keep an eye on their website for more tour dates and album details!

Genre/ Tags: Surf Rock, Ethereal, Folk Rock

FayRoy – Official Website
FayRoy on Bandcamp

Song of the Day #39: Pedico – “You Can’t Get AIDS If You Never Get Tested”

pedico can't get aids 2013 song of the day 39

PEDICO is a three-piece punk band from New York City. They’re currently hard at work putting the finishing touches on their first EP which will be titled The Days Are Just Packed. There’s no set release date, but the band has delivered a slew of songs and a couple of videos that are sure to offend you in multiple ways (not to mention, get you ready for their upcoming EP). “You Can’t Get AIDS If You Never Get Tested” could very well be the biggest culprit of them all, but with other track titles like “My Girlfriend’s Black (And There’s Gonna Be Trouble)” or “White Bread in Puerto Rico”, you’re almost bound to find something personally nauseating – and of course by nauseating, we mean totally awesome. “You Can’t Get AIDS If You Never Get Tested” is a straight-up punk rock stomper, driven by shredded guitars and a punchy rhythm for an overall simplistic and infectious sound. If you never thought “You Can’t Get AIDS If You Never Get Tested” would work out to be such an anthemic sing-along, then you better think again. Listen below, right now.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Surf Rock

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Song of the Day #38: The Coptics – “Using”

coptics song of the day 38

THE COPTICS hail from London. Right now they have some demos to share with us. Perhaps somewhere down the line they’ll have even more when their plans for a release come to fruition. As far as we’re concerned, there’s some promise to be heard in their demos here, which is always an exciting quality as a band goes forward and finds their stride. Their sound? It’s a little different in a weird, mutated and disfigured kind of way, but that shouldn’t turn you off – in fact, that should be why you listen. They’ve got an interesting and unusual mix of influences coming through on their Soundcloud, suggesting that The Coptics could have plenty more up their sleeves as they put together their first release.

See what you think with the wonky track “Using” right below. It’s a frantic and stress-worthy affair, characterized by tightly-wound bass tremors, shredded guitar chords and harsh, blown-out vocals drenched in plenty of echo. If you’re still a bit curious, the remaining demos on their Soundcloud page should answer a question or two.

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Experimental, Post-Punk

The Coptics on Tumblr
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