Song of the Day #41: The Janitors – “Nevereverism”

the janitors drone head lp 2013 nevereverism sotd

It was only a matter of time before THE JANITORS first two EPs would be pressed to vinyl. Thanks to Cardinal Fuzz Records in the UK, both of their digital EPs from 2012 are now available as a double LP in a gatefold sleeve. Fancy! The record officially drops on July 15th, including all 10 tracks from their EPs as well as some remixes and a brand new, previously unreleased track titled “Nevereverism.” Remixes include versions of Janitors songs from Al Lover, Strssmmt and the Janitors themselves, giving us a refreshing spin on some familiar tracks. Aside from those, “Nevereverism” naturally becomes a highlight on this double-vinyl. It boasts a sweeping haze that doesn’t let go for nearly six full minutes. As it all grows we encounter a perpetual stream of glowing guitars, followed by chanted vocals that echo and slither out from the shadows. The colorful buzz continues to saturate the air, at times sounding like a heavier Spacemen 3 as we simmer in the murky swirl. It’s an absolutely mesmerizing affair, and hopefully you weren’t expecting anything less from these Stockholm psych-outs. Listen to the song right below!

Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Drone

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