Song of the Day #44: Tough Age – “Sea of White”

tough age st lp 2013 mint records

Mint Records in Vancouver is currently prepping to release the debut LP from Canadian fuzz-rockers TOUGH AGE. The band is also based in Vancouver, featuring a cherry-picked line-up of shredders from plenty of past local bands. The band is spearheaded by frontman Jarrett K. (who was previously in Korean Gut), rounded out by guitarist Penny “Agamemnon” Clark, Lauren Smith on bass and Chris Martell on drums. Clarks buzzy, trashed-up guitar crunches lead the track with a crushing snarl, fortified by a buff and wall-like rhythm section underneath. Noisy and melodic guitar jangles are scattered into the tight rhythms, followed by Clark’s soaring background vocals. In the end it’s like a trashier form of head-splitting power-punk, and this is still only the first single from the album! You can hear “Sea of White” right below, and you can also place your pre-order for the LP now. The vinyl drops on November 12th and features that infintely-awesome comic book-collage album art. Dig it!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Punk

PRE-ORDER the LP directly from Mint Records in Vancouver !
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