Song of the Day #45: Sun Stone Revolvers – “Spaceship X”

sun stone revolvers spaceship x lp optical sounds 2013

SUN STONE REVOLVERS is a trio hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They were formerly known as just REVOLVERS when they dropped their first album Apocalypse Surfin’ in 2010 on Optical Sounds, but now they follow it up in a big way with their sophomore LP Spaceship X. The album unfolds like a hazy storm cloud engulfing the sky, revealing self-titled track “Spaceship X” with a grungy bass line, atmospheric guitar textures and soaring vocals. It’s the perfect way to open up this album, trapping us in this simmering mixture of stormy psych that is as hypnotic as it is gripping. Track two “On the Run” follows up in a similarly mesmerizing fashion, sustaining a pulsing bass line and a tight, jangly rhythm section. With songs like these there’s no doubts about this tripped-out space rock, so take a moment to check out “Spaceship X” below. If that’s got you wondering, the rest of this album will certainly hit the spot.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Space Rock, Alternative

Sun Stone Revolvers – Official Website
Sun Stone Revolvers on Bandcamp

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