Verma – Ragnaraak 7″

verma ragnaraak 7 hozac records 2013

After their recent LP on Trouble in Mind, Chicago space-rock crew VERMA return with a follow up 7″ on Hozac Records. Ragnaraak originally appears on their 2012 self-released LP EXU and it reappears on this new single. Continue reading “Verma – Ragnaraak 7″”

Friday’s Find: Verma – Coltan

verma coltan lp trouble in mind 2013

Chicago-based psychedelic band VERMA just released their second full-length LP Coltan. The album was originally released as a limited edition cassette by Notes & Bolts for Vice Magazine’s Guide to the Congo mini-series in 2012. Now it’s being pressed to vinyl for the first time by the Trouble in Mind label in a short run of 500. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Verma – Coltan”

Hallogallo 2010 – Blinkgürtel 7″

So I recently saw this 7″ in a record store in Philly, but I didn’t think anything of it. Little did I know this music would turn up on the interweb right before my eyes, almost like a sign that I should have picked it up that day at the record store. Well no more wondering what could have been, because I have the music here for you guys today, and I must say that this stuff totally caught me off guard. Definitely didn’t know what to expect before listening, but I can say right away that this stuff rules. If you were already aware of this, then I’m sure you know the story behind it – follow this link (or the one below) with more information if yr curious!

Opening track “Blinkgürtel” has it all – sonic textures, heavy face-melting guitars, clashing tom-driven drumming, a pulsing bass line – these elements joined together create a hell of an intoxicating song, and it forces you to sit right down in the middle of everything and do your best to figure it all out. There’s definitely a mysterious vibe weaved in, but there’s also an element of simplicity that is genuinely breathtaking. I say breathtaking because a song with such limited instrumentation still manages to go so in depth, and you’re there left wondering how on Earth this stuff got so intense. At first you didn’t think anything of it, but before you know it it’s already sucked you in and there’s nothing you can do but crack the Hallogallo code. Which I am still attempting to do myself. Do yourself the awesome favor of listening to “Blinkgürtel”, and hopefully it’ll get some thoughts brewing in your skull. You should in turn leave those thoughts in the comments section directly below this post.

Blinkgürtel –

My Rating: 7.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Krautrock, Experimental, Instrumental
Blinkgurtel 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Blinkgurtel
2.) Drone Schlager

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Oneida – Preteen Weaponry

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Krautrock, Experimental, Psychedelic

Here today I have something that is a bit different for you than anything I’ve posted so far. The name of the band is Oneida, and they are from Brooklyn, New York. Unlike most bands, Oneida definitely has an obsession with the idea of repetition, which is quite obvious if you just listen to the music. Luckily for you, you CAN listen to the music, because I have the album “Preteen Weaponry” here for you today. This is a 3 track album that clocks in at just under 40 minutes, with each song passing the 10 minute mark. The first track begins with some mysterious feedback sounds and drum rolls, which slowly escalates into a steady drum beat. If I had to put myself in a situation where this music was the soundtrack, this would be my scenario: you’re walking towards the entrance of a giant colosseum as the momentum builds up, and right near the 3 minute mark of the song when things kick up, is when the colosseum doors are locked behind you, and all you have now is a fight to the death. People are cheering like crazy in the audience surrounding you, and they just let a tiger loose that only wants YOUR blood. Yeah. It’s the intense.

The second track of the album starts off with some heavy sound effects, along with a slow, tribal-like drum beat. This track also brings up another scenario, this time being much more horrifying. Picture this: you’re walking through a dark, deserted town with old, run-down shacks and an old church that nobody uses. The haunting vibes are unbearable as the game “Resident Evil” comes to mind. Occasionally, you run into a blood sucking zombie who tries to attack you, but you always escape by the skin of your teeth. The lyrics that start around the 6 minute mark would represent these zombies.

Moving onto the final track of the album, this is probably my personal favorite from the album. I think that would be due to the sprawling and continuous drumming that never ceases throughout the entire 14 minute track. I also like the sound effect towards the end of the track; it brings to mind the sound that a submarines sonar would make underwater. It’s just a steady beep that fits perfectly into the mix. That’s enough of what I think. Now it’s time for you to check out the album. Thanks for reading, and check back tomorrow!

Preteen Weaponry: Tracklist
1. “Preteen Weaponry, Pt. I” – 14:30
2. “Preteen Weaponry, Pt. II” – 11:26
3. “Preteen Weaponry, Pt. III” – 13:53

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