Friday’s Find: Teledrome – s/t LP

teledrome st lp fdh mammoth cave recordings p trash records 2014

TELEDROME is the musical alias of Ryan Sadler, who writes and records from his basement in Calgary. His debut full-length is a continuation of the brand of industrialized synth-punk he first explored on a 2012 EP for HoZac Records. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Teledrome – s/t LP”

Friday’s Find: Total Heels – Barb Wire 7″ EP

total heels barb wire 7 ep self released 2014

TOTAL HEELS, a band from Copenhagen made up of three Danes and one American, have just unleashed their new 7″ EP Barb Wire — four tracks of tough and angular punk rock. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Total Heels – Barb Wire 7″ EP”

Friday’s Find: Natural Child – Dancin’ With Wolves

natural child dancin' with wolves lp 2014 burger records

NATURAL CHILD just broke out with Dancin’ With Wolves, the Nashville trio’s fourth full-length, and their third for Burger Records since 2011. The LP is made up of 10 campfire cowboy songs with a bluesy swagger, led by Wes Taylor’s honest vocal delivery. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Natural Child – Dancin’ With Wolves”

Friday’s Find: Makeouts – Back to Sleep

makeouts back to sleep lp 2014 bachelor records

The MAKEOUTS, who hail from Stockholm, Sweden, have just released their sophomore effort for the Austrian label Bachelor Records, after a promising 2010 debut. It’s already generating attention, at least locally: Back to Sleep, a veritable grab-bag of gritty and frantic garage, was nominated in the Rock category of Sweden’s stellar Manifest music award. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Makeouts – Back to Sleep”

Friday’s Find: Plantains/ Os Noctàmbulos – Stolen Body Split LP

plantains heaters os noctambulos stolen body split lp 2014 stolen body records

The Bristol-based label Stolen Body Records specializes in limited-edition vinyl releases, and they recently dropped one of their most ambitious albums early in 2014. It’s a split LP featuring the Grand Rapids, Michigan, psych crew PLANTAINS (now known as Heaters) and OS NOCTAMBULOS, who hail from across the pond in Paris.
Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Plantains/ Os Noctàmbulos – Stolen Body Split LP”

Friday’s Find: Average Times – s/t LP

average times st lp 2014 hosehead records

The newest release from Ontario, Canada’s Hosehead Records is the debut long-player from Ottawa-based garage crew AVERAGE TIMES. Hailing from their nation’s capitol, Average Times’ album boasts a grab-bag of pop, punk and garage, all hopped up on a heaping dose of caffeine. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Average Times – s/t LP”

Friday’s Find: Night Sun – No Pressure 7″

night sun no pressure 7 burger records 2014

Burger Records brings us the brand new 7″ from Atlanta-based soul rockers NIGHT SUN. The band is comprised of Cole Alexander and Joe Bradley (Black Lips), Danny Lee Blackwell (Night Beats) and Curtis Harding (Cee Lo Green). No Pressure is their debut release, fusing together gritty garage rock with Harding’s soulful croon. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Night Sun – No Pressure 7″”

Friday’s Find: Cheap Time – Exit Smiles

cheap time exit smiles lp 2013 in the red records

CHEAP TIME dropped their fourth studio album in five years in 2013 for In the Red Records. Exit Smiles is nearly 36 minutes of their self-described “progressive glitter punk.” Jeffrey Novak leads the charge with his distinctive snarl, the only constant member of the trio since their earliest singles. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Cheap Time – Exit Smiles”

Friday’s Find: The Zoltars – Walking Through the Dark

zoltars walking through the dark lp cqrecords 2013

THE ZOLTARS’ second album, Walking Through the Dark (via the Austin-based CQ Records), is the next logical step in the band’s discography: Throughout 11 cuts of light, uplifting and texture-rich music, they bulk up their dreary pop with glistening pianos and cellos. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: The Zoltars – Walking Through the Dark”

Friday’s Find: Pampers – s/t LP

pampers st lp 2013 in the red recordings

If there’s one record from 2013 I’m ashamed for missing, it’s PAMPERS’ self-titled LP on In The Red. The grungy Brooklynites specialize in heavy, repetitive psych-punk coated by a thick, palpable layer of guitar sludge. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Pampers – s/t LP”