Friday’s Find: The Zoltars – Walking Through the Dark

zoltars walking through the dark lp cqrecords 2013

THE ZOLTARS’ second album, Walking Through the Dark (via the Austin-based CQ Records), is the next logical step in the band’s discography: Throughout 11 cuts of light, uplifting and texture-rich music, they bulk up their dreary pop with glistening pianos and cellos.

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Genre/ Tags: Pop, Garage Rock, Minimal
Walking Through the Dark LP: Tracklist:
1.) Here In My Room
2.) Evelyn
3.) Steal My Soul
4.) I Walk Alone at Night
5.) Animal Dreams
6.) Wandering in the Street
7.) Fear Not Death
8.) Don’t Want You To Go Away
9.) All My Favorite People
10.) I Was Outside
11.) Walking Through the Dark

BUY the LP from CQ Records – limited to 500 !
The Zoltars on Facebook

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