Livids – (Some of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts 7″ EP

livids some of us have adrenalized hearts 7 oops baby records 2013

LIVIDS from New York have been spewing out new singles left and right in 2013. (Some of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts is their fourth for the year and first for Oops Baby Records in Brooklyn, coming in a run of 500 pieces.

If you’ve been up to pace then you should know the drill here. Led by the screaming of Eric Davidson (of New Bomb Turks), these onslaughts are fast and aggressive. They’re brimming with blazing punk hooks and a searing complexion that’s constant through all four tracks. The party starts with the s/t opener, blowing the door clean off the hinges with anthemic chanting and snarling guitars. We’re led right into a brief but head-splitting guitar solo, putting the lid on this nasty, fire-fueled tantrum. “Nerve-Wrecked” keeps the ravaging pummel going strong as they flex their muscles with speedy drumming and spastic guitar squeals. Head on over to Oops Baby Records and snag the 7″ now – that wild cover art was designed by Timmy Vulgar and probably looks even more twisted in-hand. Go listen, right now!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Lo-Fi, Alternative
(Some of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) (Some of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts
2.) Nerve-Wrecked
3.) Ms. Bluff
4.) Theme from Livids

BUY the 7″ directly from Oops Baby Records – limited to 500 !
Livids on Facebook

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