Shiva Trash – Helter Swelter 7″

shiva trash helter swelter 7 cholo punks palm dreaming 2013

After putting together a memorable debut in 2012, SHIVA TRASH of San Diego, CA return with their follow up 7″. Helter Swelter comes in a run of 300 pieces from Cholo Punks Records in association with the band’s own Palm Dreaming label.

Their single includes two new tracks, both of which show off a different side of the band. “Helter Swelter” is the first of their previously unreleased material since their Bleach Bath 7″, while B-side track “122 Hours of Fear” is a cover of the 70’s synthpunk act The Screamers. “Helter Swelter” recalls only the wildest moments from Bleach Bath as the band continues down their path of angry, angular post-punk. The spastic track sprawls out in all directions, ultimately showing off a twisted bit of experimentalism. Sharp, spiny guitars lead the way through heated blasts of static-crusted fuzz, complete with the thud of pounding percussion. It all slows down by transforming with a murky, strung-out transition, leading us head-first into the maddening finale. As if “Helter Swelter” here wasn’t enough proof, these guys sounds like they’ve got plenty more up their sleeves. We’ll have to wait patiently and see what comes next!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Post-Punk, Experimental
Helter Swelter 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Helter Swelter
2.) 122 Hours of Fear

BUY the 7″ directly from Cholo Punks Records – limited to 300 !
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