Cold Showers – Love and Regret

It’s taken some time, but the debut album from LA’s COLD SHOWERS hit record shelves this week. The LP comes from Dais Records, finally giving us all the proper dosage of this moody post-punk we’ve been looking for.

It’s been nearly a year and a half since we got our hands on the first Cold Showers 7″, but thanks to Love and Regret, it was totally worth the wait. Love and Regret is an ambitious offering, combining elements of swirling post-punk with a bit of murky pop haze and a sinister industrial twist. It’s a rich and intoxicating sound, characterized heavily by Jonathan Weinberg’s brooding vocals, Chris King’s icy cool guitars, relentless drum thuds and dark, reverberating synth textures. The LP wields a few different styles, including dark dance floor burners (“So I Can Grow,” “BC,” “Seminary”) that seek to invigorate, while others like “I Don’t Mind,” “In Terms of Pleasure” and “New Dawn” have a lighter pop edge.

“I Don’t Mind” is the explosive remake of the A-side from their debut 7″ Highlands, while a track like “New Dawn” shows off a whole new side of their bleary-eyed pop. Dancey drum beats and spiny guitars navigate across swelling bass lines, exposing a light and airy chorus of boy-girl vocals and swirly textures. These guitar leads fall into a similar vein with “BC” as they nearly have a ghostly, possessive quality that plagues them. The shredded guitar freakout in the midst of “BC” will help prove that claim, as will the threatening guitar shards of the shadowy opener “Alight.”

By now you might realize this LP is not to be taken lightly because it’s brimming with highlights. We already know the possessive power of the brooding “So I Can Grow,” which leaves us with a mesmerizing closer like “Seminary” to seal the deal. The album wraps up with this haunted and glowing affair, where Weinberg’s bold, breathy howls cut through the smokey, strobing haze. It’s a brisk and equally stimulating finale, only serving as a reminder that you will be hearing this stuff again.

Take a few minutes to check out this hefty batch of songs from the LP below, then head over to the Dais Records Soundcloud page because they uploaded the album in its entirety for your listening pleasure. It’s easy to get lost in the wake of Ty Segall and Tame Impala and whatever else dropped this week, but so did this, so don’t forget about it!

I Don’t Mind –

So I Can Grow –

BC –

New Dawn –

Seminary –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Ethereal, Electronic, Pop
Love and Regret LP: Tracklist:
1.) Alight
2.) I Don’t Mind
3.) Violent Cries
4.) So I Can Grow
5.) BC
6.) In Terms of Pleasure
7.) New Dawn
8.) Seminary

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